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Activity management for CFS/ME

One of the features of CFS/ME is the ‘boom and bust’ energy cycle.


RNHRD and Northern CFS/ME Clinical Network (working with Indigo) are at testing stage with an app for CFS/ME patients which helps patients track energy levels, shows energy patterns and helps patients plan their activities to achieve their baseline and then to safely increase levels of activity.


The app is called ActiveME©️ and will be released before the end of 2011.


Patients can choose from four different activity grades and plot them on a daily calendar, then use the reports function to see the patterns in energy levels.



1. Records each activity in terms of the energy level

2. Plots activity use on graphs

3. Has space for the user to make notes in an energy diary

4. Allows patients to email a pdf of the week’s chart


Activity record charts are widely used to help patients and practitioners work together to develop a daily baseline of energy use before increasing it in regular steps to enable goal achievement.


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