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Contraception choice app

Our idea for an app is the contraception choice app. It stems from the desire to establish a society where everyone can make informed choices about sex, relationships and reproduction based on accurate and non-judgemental information. From the team of experts who brought you the first ever contraception choice web-tool, we are proposing to develop an app which is part of a multi-channel digital approach to delivering sexual health information.


The app personalises contraception and related sexual health information to the end user, particularly targeting young people, women of reproductive age and professionals (who could use the app to support their work in the field).


The app is a combination of a well-established decision-making aid: My Contraception Tool and background information. The app would include an A-Z of relevant sexual health terms and all the main methods of contraception. Benefits of delivering this information via an app are that it is intuitive and faster to use than mobile web access, with the ability to access the tool and the information offline.



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