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Gym Training by

Gym Training by is an exercise database and exercise routine planner. Weightplan puts over 600 HD exercise photos and videos at your fingertips. With 30 preset gym routines for you to follow you’ll quickly improve strength, tone and muscle mass. Weightplan makes it easy to plan your exercise and track your fitness progress. Watch fully qualified Personal Trainers guide you every step of the way. will allow users to also track their nutrition and key stats - to ensure all aspects are in balance, and tackle obesity.


Weightplan is like having a Personal Trainer in your pocket. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions and track the exercises as you go. Feel your fitness improve each day.


Never tire of your routine again! Vary which routines you follow to work all your various muscle groups. We have workout routines designed to condition, build muscle size or improve strength. Rest assured, we have routines suitable for all fitness levels. Each routine has been designed by fully qualified Personal Trainers for your complete peace of mind – whether you’re a beginner or pro-athlete.


Build your own routines quickly and easily. Weightplan also allows the flexibility of building your own routines, or modifying/combining our set routines. Change routines often to keep your body guessing and to provide quicker results.



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