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Health Profiler

The Health Profiler is an application that tackles the needs of Public Health Analysts and researchers working in Primary Care Trusts. It allows to investigate the social determinants of health using a mixture of epidimiology and spatial analysis techniques.

Prevention and screening of certain health condition can be helped by the anaylsis of particular socio economic conditions or lifestyles. It has been widely proved in medical research that some statistical variables available through the Census and through bespoke and commercial geodemographic classification can help in: detect areas and people that are more exposed to certain health conditions (i.e. diabetes, cancer); identify areas and people that are in need of screening. The Health Profiler, is based on a concept similar to and is aimed to help anyone carrying out health research which is interested in the geographical distribution of health conditions. It allows to detect cause-effect or link relationships between health conditions, GP catchment areas, socioecomic status and demography.



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