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Health information at your fingertips(Near Field Communication)

The idea as such is simple. Any information (health information, prescription guidelines, support services etc.) that a person may need is given freely and effortlessly at the context of care. The patient/person has an Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled mobile phone. Healthcare services/healthcare workers have connections to databases (including important health information) or health information/data/results on computers or mobile phones. The user puts his/her mobile phone over a transmitter or close to the healthcare worker's mobile phone/computer. Information can also be obtained from posters/leaflets (chip enabled) in a healthcare setting. The user can access the related content and downloads in a few seconds. Done! Now the important information is always at hand and it is very well positioned to help the patient in need.


The healthcare worker would use health information application as an important interface maintained by healthcare services which would then be provided to users. This information diffusion would strongly supports positive healthcare worker and patient interactions as well as promoting personal independence. Plus much less paper which means a sustainable green healthcare solution!


Unfortunately only a minority of people actually download mobile applications. The rate is approx. 25% of smart phone users and usually it is the people that are the most aware of mobile phone use. Therefore, I suggest that we use NFC. NFC is a relatively new technology which will be installed as default to most forthcoming smartphones and will reach millions of users regardless of the user's knowledge on "downloading apps". It's important to remember that apps require massive advertising and marketing campaigns (which is not the easiest task and expensive) to reach many people.


Of course there are many other contexts and possibilities of using NFC technology in health care than this one example.



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