Ideas for a new health app

Helping me manage my COPD App

An App to help COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patients self-manage their condition better on a day to day basis.


All the information you need in your hand.


1. Patient information (equivalent of a 'patient information leaflet')

a. What is COPD?

b. What causes COPD?

c. How to prevent COPD

(Advantage of being as detailed or as brief as the person wishes)

2. How to manage your COPD

a. Smoking cessation

i. Evidence behind it

ii. Links to cessation services

3. What to do in an emergency ‘exacerbation’

a. Rescue pack in detail

i. What it includes

ii. How to use it

iii. Where to get it

b. Contact your GP if…

c. Go to an urgent care centre

d. Call 999/ go to A&E

4. Inhaler technique

a. Video of correct technique

b. Diagrams of correct technique

5. Oxygen alert function

a. Possibly issued via Bluetooth when admitted to hospital?

b. Alert that flashes on screen?

c. Possible text function???

6. Useful links

a. Local support groups

b. BLF

c. Local breathe easy groups

d. Weather forecasts

e. Pollution levels

f. Local services according to location – pharmacists, walk in centres, A&Es…

7. Calendar (with alarm function)

a. For follow up appointments following discharge from hospital

b. Routine appointments

c. Prescription renewals

8. Medications (with alert function if required)

a. Lists

b. Doses

c. Timings



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