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I'm ok

The app "I'm ok" alerts people when your elderly relative may have fallen down the stairs and broken a hip. The app on your relative's cellphone periodically prompts your relative, lovingly and entertainingly with the time, weather, news, emails, holidays and relatives' birthdays, and even horoscope, to please press a button, signaling "I'm ok", possibly at times when medications or exercises must be taken, in which case the app reminds your relative which medications and how to do the exercises with good form. Some time after your relative has been failing to respond to the prompt, the app on your relative's cellphone calls you and other relatives, who need not have the app, and explains the situation. If all of you fail to respond presently by calling your relative's cellphone, other people are notified, who may include government emergency numbers, and who need not know of the app, because the app tells them all they need to know, including the usual hangouts of your relative and the rough location of your relative's cellphone. Your relative can, in an emergency, trigger all these actions easily from the app, for example, telling the ambulance number and others that your relative cannot speak and specifying the reason, such as a heart attack or epilepsy attack or brain attack or asthma attack or allergy attack or smoke inhalation, or summoning police silently.



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