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Mental Health empowerment app - South London and Maudsley NHSFT

In a world first for mental health we are working in partnership with Microsoft to develop electronic personal health records for our service users.


This initiative centres on empowerment by placing the patient at the centre of their health and facilitating them to access, own and control their health information.


We are, and will be, working closely with service users throughout the design and delivery of this to ensure that this unique offering is meaningful.


Our electronic personal health records tool will interface with the Trust's electronic records system (Patient Journey System) allowing us to share key documents and information, such as care plans, with service users.


We are building a mobile app which will allow patients to login and access their electronic personal health record securely.


Key features will include:


- Care plan, help in a crisis

- Monitoring of mood and other health and wellbeing measures

- Sharing patient reported outcomes (PROMs) directly with a clinician


The app will provide information to the general public on:

- Clinical services, including address and contact information.

-News highlights including research updates.

- Mental health guide

- Medication guide

- Mental Health Act guide

- Five Ways to mental well-being (supported by NEF)


We are encouraging a more equal dialogue between patient and clinician to improve the nature of the relationship. Our ambition is that we will transform the individual patient experience from being a passive recipient of health services and information to one where a patient is far better informed about and involved in his or her own health condition and care plan.


How will this work?


The information exchanged between clinicians and patients will be based upon a two-way dialogue in order to ensure that the transfer of information is meaningful. It's not simply a case of giving someone total access to their medical record held by the Trust.


The user will be presented with a mobile-optimised version of the HealthVault login screen. A user needs his or her email address and password to access the site. Once you log on securely, it will present a mobile-optimised version of the data.


The way the app is built means none of the data is stored on your phone — it's all loaded from and saved to your secure HealthVault account.

If you're logged out, none of the data is available. The site also times out after a period of inactivity for added security.


The first phase of electronic personal health records is due to be launched early 2012. The app proposed is a second phase development and will be widely available to everyone, but only registered users will be able to access this part of the site.



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