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Moodscope - measuring your state of mind (and alerting friends)

A 'website-based-app';

- an easy and innovative way to measure, track and record comments on your state of mind, allowing you to see what things in life bring you up/down

- your results can be sent to friends and carers, alerting them if you're down

- the process of self-measuring in this way in itself seems to help self-awareness, maintenance of balance, and recovery (see the tremendous comments below)

- the daily email brings interesting tips and thoughts, and the very helpful culture and tone of Moodscope; friendly, caring, gentle, positive - and very consistent.


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  1. Comment

    Good work being done on this website..

  2. Comment

    Moodscope - it monitors your mood on a daily basis and records your scores on a graph. It gives you fun tips on a daily basis. It is great and helpful to use.

  3. Comment

    Moodscope - a truly excellent way of tracking and monitoring mood, with terrific feedback from looking at past records.

  4. Comment

    This website really helps me in my day-to-day life. Simple but brilliant.

  5. Comment

    I've been using this app for 4 months and absolutely love it - it's hugely helpful. I've recommended it to 10 people so far. Great stuff.

  6. Comment

    a fantastic app. that saved my life.

  7. Comment

    I've been using Moodscope since December 2010.I find it helpful in so many ways, especially the daily email.

    The mood survey makes you really sit down for a breather and in taking time to consider each feeling, I often realise that things weren't so bad afterall.

  8. Comment

    This easy-to-use website helps both to assess my moods and enables me to adopt a more positive attitude towards life. A practical means of gaining insight into mood changes, taking responsibility for the way I feel and thus improving the daily quality of life.

  9. Comment

    Really an excellent site - easy to use and the 'buddy' system is great to alert friends when you are too down to call them.

  10. Comment

    I have seen the scores of myself and my friends raise on average with this app being used. Just the act of recording your daily mood and having a point of reference helps to isolate which areas of life or occurences in it are affecting you. This, in turn allows you to look at how you can deal with these issues more effectively. Great site. Thanks Moodscope Team!

  11. Comment
    Nikola Jagic


    Makes me check my state of mind daily (or almost) and is very helpful in myself becoming aware of what influences my mood. Just great (would also like to mention that I learned about this great tool in the Newsweek Int. - thank you editors)!

  12. Comment

    I clicked Disagree instead of Agree by accident...anyone know how to change a vote??

  13. Comment

    I so wish that Moodscope had been around 50 years ago! It is a superb help and I hope that more and more people get to know about its existance.

  14. Comment

    Cannot believe how something so simple works so well. Have been using this for about a month and have seen noticable difference in how I manage myself and my moods. Easy to use GIVE IT A GO

  15. Comment

    @kathyrox - maybe try the contact link at the bottom of the page to ask them to change your vote.

  16. Comment

    The combination of the test and the daily email have made a real observable difference to my life over the last 3 months, it is not a panacea but it does help.

  17. Comment

    I have been using Moodscope every day for well over a year now. It has really helped me in visualising my moods, and has given me a powerful tool to help combat the highs and lows of bipolar disorder.

    It has also been very useful to my doctors as they can see if any medication changes are working. It makes it easier for me to explain how I am doing. I am less likely to say "I'm ok" during a consultation and put a brave face on things because I am feeling ok that day, when my mood trend has actually been a problem. I truly believe Moodscope has helped me to get on the road to recovery.

    I have never been a diary keeper, but the daily email reminders make sure I keep up with it. My friends can see if my mood is taking a wrong turn via the emails they receive and will question it and help me act upon it. I have been truly stable in mood now for 4 months; this is the longest I have been in the "normal" mood range for over 5 years. This is in no small part thanks to moodscope, which has helped me, my GP and Psychiatrist find a good treatment path.

    I am now about to start college and resume my life again. Thank you Moodscope!

  18. Comment

    I've been using Moodscope since 2010 and its really helped me to stop and think about how I am each day and I love the daily reminders. Thanks Mooodscope.

  19. Comment

    Moodscope is brilliant. I use it every day to track my moods and it really helps in monitoring them.

  20. Comment

    This is such a quick and easy way to take 'time out' and to manage your 'mood'. I can't recommend it highly enough!

  21. Comment

    A most helpful site, and the daily email reminders contain simple but good ideas

  22. Comment
    chris morgan

    I have been using Moodscope daily since April 2010 and have found it invaluable in managing recurring depressions. The support from the daily emails together with the facility of recording key events help to identify 'triggers' and 'trends' that keep me well. This brilliant idea has massive positive potential for individuals and mental health practitioners as a diagnostic tool and a support/maintenance programme with hard evidence that occurs in real time. I've had my best year in 14 years and can't praise it enough.

  23. Comment

    I've only been using it for 7 weeks and my initial cynicism has been quashed!

    I have recently been diagnosed with cancer, have a history of anxiety and reactive depression. I heard about Moodscope on a cancer support blog and thought it sounded interesting. I joined more out of curiosity than anything else.

    I didn't think I'd find much need or use for the daily e.mail other than to remind me of it in the early days. But I've been pleasantly surprised by how insightful the thought and suggestion for the day are and really look forward to reading them, (please keep 'em up Jon!)

    I didn't think the computer analysis of my choices made would be so accurate or useful but I find the feedback very helpful.

    I also didn't expect the graph to reveal much I didn't know already, given the questions - but again I was wrong. I never realised how much the little things impact on me and I'm learning to protect myself better as a result.

    I use it every day. It's my new routine and I've told so many people about it I've lost count! When I return to work I intend to suggest it to the service users I work with. I know it'll be very, very helpful. Thank you Moodscope!!

  24. Comment

    My idea/favourite app is...Moodscope

  25. Comment

    So rare these days to find such commitment from a team of people .. This site is innovative, simple and so very supportive. Thank you Moodscope.

  26. Comment

    I cannot praise this site highly enough. I've suffered from bouts of severe anxiety with depression for most of my adult life, but recently, thanks to being featured on Radio 4, discovered this simple tool. It serves to remind me that however anxious or miserable I feel, it will pass, as I can look back on past Moodscope scores to remind myself I have been down before and I always go back up. I also appreciate the daily emails. The tone of voice is spot on (neither patronising nor heavy, but light, sympathetic and witty) and I am a writer so very particular about these things. If this app doesn't win, I will want to know why!

  27. Comment

    This is a brilliant application that lets me closely monitor my own mental health and moods and - just as importantly - let this in my support network do the same too, so that they can make sure I am OK and check in on me when they may be needed.

  28. Comment

    Moodscope helps me take responsibility for my thoughts, and therefore gives me some control over my emotions. It keeps me calm and focused. It helps me to recognise triggers. It is quick and easy - but the results are long lasting and beneficial. It has become a regular part of my day.

  29. Comment

    Moodscope. A friend in need. Its brilliant. Thanks Jon.

  30. Comment

    Moodscope has helped me enormously. I get to track my moods and understand what helps and what dosen't. I have been doing it now for 3 months now and my score has improved dramatically. Often in our busy lives it's easy to just say in resposne to "How are You" "I'm Fine". Analysing what you are really feeling helps to get it out.

  31. Comment

    This website gives me a visual aid in tracking my mood so i know when to seek help or pat myself on the back. Doctors have asked me to keep a mood diary for years and never been able to but i use this every day

  32. Comment

    An excellent and easy to use tool, which is surprisingly effective. I endorse almost all of the comments already made.

  33. Comment

    moodscope, its simply brilliant, plus daily emails. Having buddies who can watch my mood and offer support is so good and first time I have been able to share how I am feeling on a daily basis

  34. Comment

    This tool is simple but effective. First time I used it I was skeptical as to whether it would be much use, having used it almost everyday for the past 6 months I can safely say that this tool is genius. It has helped me to measure my feelings and make sense of them without any complication or hardship on my part. Ideal for people suffering from depression/anxiety like myself because big tasks can seem so daunting. This is a small task every day that really does boost my mood and help me to understand my feelings better. Genius.

  35. Comment

    This website has helped me hugely to manage bipolar disorder. I can see graphically that when I exercise my mood shoots up, when I am alone for more than two days it dips, when I have something to look forward to it picks up again, when I am tired it dips until I get a really good sleep, and so on. Such helpful information that you can't argue with! And it is so simple and easy to build into a daily routine. I recommend it to anyone who would like to be more aware of themselves. And to anyone with a mental health problem TRY IT NOW.

  36. Comment

    Excellent site. Really helps me to manage and understand my moods and encourages a positive frame of mind.

  37. Comment

    A simply outstanding tool. I use it myself and have recommended it to several friends who have also praised its simple but effective approach.

    The daily emails are also tremendous - i must admit I thought I'd be consigning these to my spam folder but genuinely look forward to my daily moodscope gem - again, simple, though-provoking and brilliantly written with just the right tone.

    Well done to the team involved - can't fault the tool, the brilliantly simple concept and the very human and personal contact one feels through receiving the daily emails.

  38. Comment

    Moodscope is brilliant, it's so easy to use and Jon's morning messages are always spot on.

  39. Comment

    Simple application. Great way to record your moods and reflection on what is happening to you.

  40. Comment

    My idea/favourite app is...Moodscope I was given this website address by a lovely lady who attended a Self Management course of bi-polar with me this year. I aim to do it daily & the email is such a lovely boost when I'm not very well. It is great that you can add your own comments to the monthly graph. I shall be printing mine off to take to my next outpatient appointment to show my Consultant

  41. Comment
    keithknight has totally changed my life. I am BiPolar1 with OCD and suffer from an interacting disease; Sarcoidosis. Recording and explaining my daily mooods has kept me out of hospital and off medication (though I am not decrying medication. You often need it to survive or as a safety net). Imagine an application SO POWERFUL that you can supply a link to your GP or any carer or friend so they can see how you are feeling every day. Developments towards intra-day mood changes and linked (optional) access to mood point narratives will make this a MIND BLOWING tool. There is even mention of a forum and online "mood buddy" selection. Note: A mood buddy is someone you nominate to see your daily mood changes. They receive an email when you post it. Thank you for my life !!

    Keith Knight - Coychurch South Wales

  42. Comment

    Moodscope: as a psychotherapist, i have recommended this to many clients and the ability to monitor their moods and understand that through their actions, they can raise or lower thier moods has been extraordinarily helpful.Plus the daily e-mail is very supportive.Brilliant App, brilliant team.Well done

  43. Comment
    Jon Cousins

    Thank you for so many votes and so many fantastic comments which are really motivating and rewarding. There's so much we want to do with Moodscope, and nearly all of it has been driven by our members. I never fail to be inspired by their insight and support. Working on Moodscope is the most rewarding thing Caroline, Adrian and I have ever done. And turning it into a 'proper' smartphone app is very much at the top of our To-Do list. A big thank you to John Campbell for nominating us in the first place, too. Thanks John.

  44. Comment

    A great application - thank you Jon for your inspiring daily e-mails. Initially I thought about disabling them but like others, I really enjoy receiving them and look forward to what you have to say.

  45. Comment

    Moodscope makes depression measurable and that in itself is very helpful. I cannot recommend the moodscope tool highly enough. I stress that it's scientific underpinnings really help bring the 'objectivity' to a very subjective ailment. I can't believe it's actually free.

  46. Comment

    Moodscope. Simple effective way to monitor mood swings and record comments. I use it every day.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      Effective way to monitor mood swings and record comments - I use it every day

  47. Comment

    MOODSCOPE is a wonderful idea for learning about your own emotions - that it is ok to feel down some days. I dont have to be brilliant all the time, just middling. but I can learn from this monitor what might be making me go up and down and then do something about it. its free and its fun and its so easy

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      This daily tool provides support for service users from the comfort of there own home and is based on cognitive behavioral therapy therory. Its daily tracking provides insight and presective on how my condition is progressing and helps me balance every day events.

  48. Comment

    online psychocological support

  49. Comment

    I love the daily reminders and the 'thought for the day'. Using Moodscope every day helps me focus on the causes of any low mood and not dwell on the feelings that accompany it.

  50. Comment

    I started using Moodscope in May this year after hearing about it in a Radio 4 interview. Have loved it ever since and have recommended it to all my friends. I particularly enjoy the daily emails and the little "thoughts for the day".

  51. Comment

    Simple and helpful. I've been using it for about 5 months. Every day. And the daily emails from Jon are an important part for me. As is the buddy system.

  52. Comment

    It's brilliant to have Moodscope so easily accessible, simple to use and effective.

    I like the daily reminders which are always thought- provoking and I also really appreciate the chance to reply in order to share a feeling or idea.

    This is the first time I've had a tangible way of measuring the effects of the strategies which I use to manage bipolar disorder.

    To empower so many people to have a measure of control over their lives is perhaps its greatest feature.

  53. Comment

    I have found this very useful, both for myself and a friend I worry about. It can stop you being isolated when you most need help.

  54. Comment

    wonderful tool for reflection self understanding and change

  55. Comment

    Jenni Cubitt said:

    I have been using since May this year when my mood was low. I find it brilliant for enabling me to manage my mood in a positive way. I appreciate Jon's email to me every day and use the comment facility as a 'gratitude' journal which is all part of our journey. Also I regularly recommend this site to friends/clients. I am a counsellor. Thank you.

  56. Comment

    My spouse and I have different chronic conditions and it is helpful for us each to be able to read each other's mood every morning.

    Moodscape scores have helped us communicate better and not just try to figure out if one or the other is having physical problems or mood reactions or perhaps both.

  57. Comment

    I dont know how Jon does it but his daily emails are almost always targeted to exactly the issue i am struggling with. Happy to report that many of his "give it a try" syggestions are either something I did try or planned to try. Talk about affirmation and building confidence! I never imagined that 10 months later I would be so eager to read my daily morning email from Moodscape. If I awake in wee hours from pain or nightmares, that email is waiting to befriend me.

  58. Comment

    If my family ask how I am I would tend to say ok/fine but this app allows me to let them know in a more objective fashion.... it is also helpful to see what triggers the changes in mood. And it is free, how great is that.... thanks Jon and thanks to John for nominating it.

  59. Comment

    Moodscope has taught me how to have hope, and given me some power over both the introspective depressions and the mildly manic phases that have always been part of my life. The kindly and intelligent daily comments do so help the loneliness these conditions bring. I think, at one point, Moodscope saved my life. Thank you Jon.

  60. Comment

    After reading about Moodscope in a magazine article I immediately went online and began using it. I've been recommending it to others ever since. Jon's wit in his daily emails is always greatly appreciated. Whenever I see my scores start dropping I note on the graph the causitive factors and remind myself that this too shall pass and my scores will once again rise. My thanks to Jon and his team for this wonderful app.

  61. Comment

    One of the best features is that my score is sent to up to 5 of my friends/relations, so they can support me if I need it.

  62. Comment

    I have been using Moodscope for 100 days since hearing about it on BBC R4. Whilst I have voted for it here, and have found it somewhat helpful, I am concerned that it will be seen by the Dept. of Health as a panacea due to its' popularity here.

    I also have felt that the categories of emotions could sometimes be more varied at times. Ultimately though, it is a simple to access and use app and I have made it a part of my morning routine.

  63. Comment

    I have been using this app since December 2010 with a total success.

    I was diagnosed with bipolar sometimes back in my twenties, and had struggled with depression and hypomania for many years. Since using the app I have gained a sense of control of my moods that I had never experienced before.

    Not only have I seen the improvement - obviously thanks to the "buddy" system, that raises the support attention in a much better way than with a distant therapist - but the awareness brought up by the system has certainly contributed to modifications that are akin to what drugs would do randomly and uncontrolably.

    I am a definite fan of Moodscope and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes using technology and is consistent enough to see it at work.

  64. Comment

    I love the daily e-mails and flipping the cards really makes me stop and think. Great site.

  65. Comment

    I have Bipolar. This application is great because it provides data that I can use to recognise different mood patterns. This helps me to manage my condition appropriately.

  66. Comment

    eleanorbrown wrote Iam really enjoying moodscope . It helps me deal with my moods& stay positive . I often feel better after doing the test, also realize if I am tired or not feeling well I don't do well but know tomorrow will be better. I enjoy the daily reminders, There is usually a useful message which gives me a lift or reminds me that life is good . It just depends how you look at it.

  67. Comment

    I use this myself daily - I recommend Moodscope to many clients so I need to be doing it myself to do so congruently - and have seen the resulting opportunities to spot patterns in Clients lives and in my own.

  68. Comment

    I use it every day - I have had severe clinical depression for 10 years and am now well. I find it very useful to monitor my mood and the reminder emails give useful tips and insights.

  69. Comment

    A superb site and a great idea... simple, like the best of them. A big help!

  70. Comment

    Have been using Moodscope since hearing about it on Midweek and I appreciate the daily focus on my mood so that I stop and see with intent, and some reverence, exactly how I am feeling, rather than allowing feelings to meander and submerge, unacknowledged. I appreciate being able to reflect on each element of the Moodscope test, notice how mood changes from day to day (and how it changes over the day) and, importantly, notice the daily/weekly life events which change my mood. Moodscope confirms what I already know about what makes me feel better, or worse, but having confirmation on a daily basis during the process of the Moodscope test and the reliable, encouraging responses from Moodscope, helps me THINK about making positive moves for myself, and even make those changes, or if that is not possible, helps me understand and accept varying states of mind. Am very impressed by the constancy of the upbeat daily emails! (I am using an iPad so unfortunately am not able to see graph).

  71. Comment

    My favorite aspect of Moodscope is the daily email, reminding me that mood is often elevated by making small changes in day to day behaviors

  72. Comment

    I recently started using this tool and I also find it a real help especially when feeling low and isolated. it's a simple and effective tool.I wish I discovered it earlier! Many thanks Jon and team for your daily emails and John for nominating this excellent free tool.

  73. Comment

    after feeling anxious and stressed and a bit down, my mum recommended that I start using this. Its brilliant as it allows me to set goals for myself and has allowed me to improve my mood by thinking about how I feel and what I am actually worried about. Loving the daily emails and how you can track your mood across a graph.

  74. Comment

    A fantastic user friendly way of measuring mood. Just taking the time to reflect each day to do this is helpful. Excellent graphs that can be used to identify triggers, or simply reassure you that those depressed times don't last forever. Have used it for myself and for my patients- it is great!

  75. Comment

    This app is really helpful in allowing me to identify stressors and triggers, and the daily emails really make me feel less isolated.

  76. Comment

    The idea is that you cannot manage something if you do not measure it...

    So a tool to help you measure your mood consistently, and on a daily basis, provides the basis on which to manage your mood, thinking and behaviour.

    And it works!

  77. Comment

    This app has really helped me! I have been tracking my mood for the last 3 months. My partner heard about the app on a radio interview and since then it has helped him support me through the low's. The daily email is informative and positive giving coping strategies and good ideas. Fantastic!

  78. Comment

    You could go so far as to say its a life saver, I have suffered with Bi-polar since the age of about 11 but had a diagnosis 6 years ago. life has been a real roller coaster, since I heard of moodscope & started using it in April 2010 it has helped me to understand & recognise what has happened. Through Moodscope I now know that I can have a level of control of my condition. Every medical professional I have talked to about moodscope can see the benefit of being able to track your mood can only benefit your mental health & well being. Thanks to John & his team.

  79. Comment

    have no idea how this works but it does. A year of depression led to NHS counselling, which did help & taught me how to spot signs of relapse and deal with them. Difficult to quantify though without writing reams daily. Depressing! Heard about Moodscope on BBC Radio 4 in May and started. So easy to do. Looking back, it is so accurate, your own notes (like Tweets) optional, easy and give great insight in to why you feel as you do. I have learned in a few weeks why I feel the way I do each day and importantly how to deal with my moods or better still avoid them. The test is simple, best done instictively (don't think too much about it) and for some strange reson you just cannot cheat. Whats the point anyway!. Daily homilies are eerily appropriate and helpful. No buddies yet, that may be even better, but time for that. Great is the word

  80. Comment
    louise R

    Six months ago I read about Moodscope in the Times. Since I joined the daily email from Jon has helped me so much. Trying to come out of a long term addiction to benzodiazepines with GP's help by slow tapering I have found charting my moods, bad days and now distinct progress, very heartening. Thank you Jon and the team. Moodscope gives support in a way that is quite unique. I'm so glad I found it.

  81. Comment

    I heard Jon Cousins on Woman's Hour and joined Moodscope the next day - there were so many of us responding that the site crashed. I have to say a huge THANK YOU to Jon for providing this help free of charge. Those decisionmakers at NHS- take note.

    The daily emails and just the knowledge that someone out there understands how you're feeling and it's OK because you can learn to manage mood and allow others to help you. Simple, human, inspired. I can only echo Louise above - "I'm so glad I found it"

  82. Comment

    Thank you for the website. It really helps.

  83. Comment

    I think the support for Moodscape is amazing. There can no doubt that it is helping many people. However before seeing it on this site I had not heard of it. Why is this not promoted via mainstream services? It seems unbelievable that people have to come across this by chance to register and benefit.

    Moodscape has prompted me to post an app idea to help Moodscape and other good apps get the services adopted into the mainstream of health and social care.

  84. Comment

    I've been using moodscope since I heard about it in May and I think it's brilliant. I don't suffer from any of the health problems at which it's targeted, but nonetheless it's provided me with some amazing and powerful insights into my own patterns and behaviours that I am benefiting from daily. I also have a couple of dear friends who don't live locally who I have worried about constantly, and since they've started using it too, we're in touch in a much more honest and useful way. This is an incredibly empowering tool and I can't believe it's still free. A ton of good karma coming the teams' way!

  85. Comment

    Moodscope is a great way to measure your state of mind and how YOU are the one responsible for it. It also offers a buddy check so you can be more aware of how people close to you are doing.

  86. Comment

    Moodscope - each day I receive Jon's great messages, which are always kind & helpful, he then reminds me to measure my mood, which is a quick easy method of checking in each day. I love the chance to enter a comment on the graph that is created, this has also helped me learn what lowers my mood & also what lifts my mood. I have a buddy that checks up on me when my mood drops badly or indeed if it lifts well - most helpful. Thank you Jon & the Moodscope team, you have helped me on a challenging journey in my life, I am most grateful for all your help. I have even visited the fab coffee shop in Cambridge that you recommended - it was wonderful - I'll be going back. :-)

  87. Comment

    Moodscope is simply brilliant! I came across it by chance - it took me a little while to get into the habit of doing the cards daily but now that I am, I find it so useful. I always add a comment to my score on the graph which really helps when I look back at my mood over time. I have my husband as my buddy - its a really good way of letting him know how I'm feeling - something I'm not always very good at esp when I'm feeling down. Its made it much easier for me to talk to him about things. The best bit is the daily email - without a doubt. I really look forwards to getting it and it propmts to to do my moodscope score for that day as well. I have recommended it to others and am SO GLAD to have found it!

  88. Comment

    My favourite Application is MOODSCOPE. I find this of enormous benefit to my mental wellbeing. It makes me study my attitudes and feelings and make improvements to my life and outlook. There is a daily BRIEF "pause for thought" chatty, light, yet 'deep' email reminder from Jon, which searches and questions our actions and moods. I highly recommend it for improvement of anyone's mental wellbeing!!!! It will make you feel normal!!!

  89. Comment

    Moodscope has been fantasic for me. I am Bipolar and was very ill. Moodscope is so simple and concrete that it is easy to use, even when you are ill. This is not true of much of the cbt self help available.

    I always felt embarrassed asking for help from my nearest and dearest but now they know how I feel and I think it helps them too.I really do feel much more in control of my moods than I used to. In fact I can honestly say my life is so much better.

  90. Comment

    The feedback here is tremendous; Moodscope seems to already be significantly reducing mental suffering.

    But how long can we expect Jon and Moodscope to keep going in its current form, i.e. with no revenue or financial backing?

    (As mareehk98 said "I can't believe it's actually free.")


    - does anyone know a charity, grant-making body or social enterprise fund etc that could support Moodscope to keep going? (should the UK government support this world-leading innovation start-up?)

    - how would people feel about paying Moodscope a user fee? (how much?) (should our health providers pay the user fee, as they pay for some meds?)


    - how can we help more sufferers hear about Moodscope, so they can also get the help it gives? - tell our doctors to spread the word? get NICE etc to include Moodscope in recommended treatments? get money to Moodscope so it can advertise?

  91. Comment

    p.s. one thing we could all easily do, to help alert others, is to flag up Moodscope as a great thing on the websites, user boards, online communities etc that we use....

  92. Comment

    Moodscope is a useful part of my toolkit, that I use to manage depression without the use of prescription drugs.

    I would encourage anyone with depression who is serious about living a more productive, worthwhile and happy life to add it to their personal management strategy

  93. Comment
    louise R

    Re Aj's comment I would be glad to pay a user fee. How would others feel about say £10? or 20?

    Also perhaps we could combine in some fund raising activities ourselves.

  94. Comment

    louise R I think your idea of " we could combine in some fund raising activities ourselves" is really good - could be virtual or physical combining.

    We could also combine to e.g. lobby NHS to fund Moodscope.

  95. Comment

    A friend of mine heard the Radio 4 interview and sent me a link back in May and thought it might help with my Bipolar situation. Diagnosed 4 years ago, I have been hugely supported through specialist psychotherapy plus consistent yoga practice, exercise, Omega 3 supplements, getting enough sleep and other such adjustments. Since May, I have used Moodscope fairly consistently and have found it a real addition to my portfolio of helpful things. It is brilliant at helping me be clear about what is making a difference and as my husband is my 'buddy' (and I am his) it has helped us both to be more understanding of one another. Awareness of certain moodstates (like 'jittery' for example) has given me a measure that I had not previously considered relevant. On days that I want to avoid doing it (because I'm afraid it will be low), learning to do it anyway and deal with why this is immediately (or just recognise that it is so and tomorrow's another day) is a really important component of the system. You don't have to have bipolar for it to help. My husband's mood range is only about 10 points but knowing the difference between his highs and lows is of real benefit. Anyway, congratulations to the Moodscope Team. It's nice to be able to give some support in return for all the support that I have received. And I like the daily emails because they are real.

  96. Comment

    P.S. I would happily pay something to support the growth and development of Moodscope - as the user numbers grow even £10-£20 as suggested above would probably make a bit of a difference wouldn't it?

  97. Comment

    @Ebony- Lets not privatise something that is free now and should stay free. It shouldn't be a privilege of the rich! Moodscope helps me a lot and i'd be happy to raise money for it somehow- but i'm a student so try as I might I really wouldn't be able to afford a user fee.

  98. Comment

    I love moodscope, and the daily emails are fantastic, too. I've recommended it to many friends.

  99. Comment

    @themusicgirl - in fairness Moodscope is already private - it's not a public service - it's just that we're not being charged. However, to your point and in the interests of it remainding freely available, perhaps there should be a mechanism whereby people who are able to contribute do so on a voluntary basis?

  100. Comment
    Jonathan Halls

    I use this site daily to record mood scores. It is well-designed, helpful and offers other facilities,such as a 'buddy' system - a way of getting your friends involved in helping you out.

    Highly recommended

  101. Comment

    It is really important that Moodscope should be free at the point of joining up, especially as it is so helpful for people who are depressed or bipolar. If you were feeling low you might not think that you are worth paying for the service or that there is no way the service could help!

    I think it is also helpful for Jon to act as a free agent, my guess is that this plays a huge part in the daily messages being so spontaneous and personal. I'd hate them to become more corporate because of funding 'masters'. (He who pays the piper... ) So voluntary contributions or open legacies sounds a possible way forward. Or, (tongue in cheek) Moodscope on prescription???

  102. Comment

    Given the substantial support for Moodsope, it clearly works but to go further maybe one of the Universities would like to carry out a research project which could provide independent validation and open the pathway to Moodscope on prescription as Maxine says.

  103. Comment

    This is a very tool - using it every day helps me to think about how I really feel

  104. Comment
    Jon Cousins

    Phil, thanks very much for your research suggestion above. In fact there is an independent Moodscope pilot project already underway at the Institute of Psychiatry, overseen by Prof Til Wykes and led by Dr Emese Csipke with funding from the Biomedical Research Centre. Findings from the study are due reasonably soon. You're absolutely right about the importance of seeking evidence.

  105. Comment

    I recommend Moodscope, it is a great idea, helping one to see patterns in ones moods. They are encouraging in every way.

  106. Comment

    I think moodscope is great. I have used it for about a year to help with recurrent depression. I started using a paper graph to track my mood but then discovered moodscope. I look forward to Jon's morning emails they always help to pick my mood up on a bad day. I spoke to my psychiatrist about moodscope but she had never heard of it, i think it should be more widely publicised in the NHS and funded.

  107. Comment
    Rachel Fitzsimmons

    I've been using Moodscope for a couple of months and found it really helpful for tracking my mood and pinpointing what affects my mood - it has been invaluable. Its also great having the daily emails and the encouraging messages in them, reminds me someone cares when I'm having a bad day

  108. Comment

    @Aj.. regards a charge (however nominal) for using moodscope. I personally would be happy to pay. However given that many of those to whom I would recommend Moodscope are already feeling disempowered and oft times looking for a reason/excuse/rationalisation as to why they should NOT do something for themselves... I can see any charge proving counter-productive.

    Far better, in my opinion, to explore either sponsorship or state funding.

    The challenge with State funding is that this would require some big picture thinking from a bean counter or two - and they seem trained to look only to their OWN balance sheet.

    Who would sponsor? Certainly not the Pharmaceutical companies. The Gates Foundation or some similar philanthropic institution might be the answer. They did it with the Khan academy ( started life as a one-man band, so why not? Who has an 'in' with them? Or who could get Jon on the roster for a TED ( talk?

  109. Comment

    I have started a thread on TED Conversations about Moodscope. It might be handy if a few people posted on the thread to bring it to the attention of their moderators.

    This is what I have posted.

    How do you get a fantastic public health idea/format to the TED audience with a view to securing sponsorship for a free-to-user service? is an innovative, effective mood mapping site/app developed by some fine, philanthropic people in the UK.

    I work as a cognitive Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. Since discovering moodscope I have recommended it to all and sundry and witnessed some fundamental shifts in mood (and the understanding of this) amongst a number of clients.

    On the UK dept of health discussion site ( there is some discussion on how this fantastic, free-to-use, resource can be funded and extended.

    I asked who had an 'in' with any philanthropic foundations and how they could bring Moodscope to the TED audience. This post is just me asking the same question here.

    Any suggestions? Might I suggest that if you are posting suggestions here, you might cc them to Caroline Ashcroft at I am here to start the ball rolling and am keen to step out of the way to allow all you creative people work together to find a solution.

    many thanks.

  110. Comment

    Moodscope has greatly benefitted me too, to help prevent a recurrence of my depression. I too have recommended it and would support it in any way I can. I am concerned if all had to pay for it, regardless of income and situation, those needing it most at their most desperate times would be excluded.

  111. Comment
    chris morgan

    Hi Liam great idea to try TED but can't find your thread in the Conversations- the link didn't work for me. Can you help?

  112. Comment

    @ Chris Morgan

    Hi Chris

    unfortunately the wording of my post seems to have offended an office junior (or perhaps a computer program) at TED and it had been removed because it is 'too self-promotional'!

    I assume this was because of the links I included which were actually there to establish the bona fides of Moodscope and the conversation on this thread.

    I have e-mailed them back but have no idea if I am seaking to a person or a computer.

    This is what I sent them...

    ""Too SELF promotional"?????

    I am surprised and disappointed by your action.

    If my post transgressed your rules it was done in innocence.

    I have NO self interest in moodscope - other than wanting to share it with the world. I was at pains to explain exactly how I came to be posting and posted a link to the official UK department of health website where the subject arose.

    rather than unilaterally deciding I was 'self promoting' perhaps you could have investigated a little further - and perhaps even brought the gift to humankind that is Moodscope to the attention of the right people at TED - thpeople who have the ability to bring this to the world


    Liam O'Sullivan"

  113. Comment

    Hello Jon, I can't wait to see the results of the study. You should be proud of what you have achieved.

    We use Florence with psychiatry/mental health teams to provide therapy support at crucial times but Moodscope appears to be in league of its own.

  114. Comment

    @liam I agree with your thinking on funding.

    Khanacademy is a great model, and is also funded by Google. I have tried to enter Gates and Google but not succeeded as yet - I agree your comment that personal contacts key way in.

    Ellerman is a suitable grant-maker but only if Moodscope structures as a charity.

    I'm wondering if a UK wealthy individual sympathetic to mental heath issues (E.g. Steve Shirley, Dennis Stevenson) may be possible.

    I feel the UK government will in principle want to support, but I'm not sure where the right money pools are?

    Best model long-term may be government funding based on the savings Moodscope is achieving for it - of GP and other time, and meds. Would anyone care to estimate how much time/money the NHS has saved because they use Moodscope instead?

  115. Comment
    John Campbell ( Idea Submitter )

    @Phil O'Connell - please can we ask, as you are inside the NHS, what would you see as viable funding routes by the NHS/Dept of Health for Moodscope? Is a grant, or cost-savings-based route, viable?

  116. Comment
    chris morgan


    - thanks for the update and what a shame they got the wrong end of the stick at TED. I think Jon would be perfect to give a TED lecture as he's done many presentations already.

  117. Comment

    HI @John Campbell, my personal opinion based on learning from our Simple Telehealth and Florence project is that there is no prescribed route to making an innovation sustainable.

    As Moodscope is already a functioning product/service and provided free of charge the challenge is to convince commissioners to fund the service. As PCT's are disappearing the challenge is even harder with virtually double the amount of organisations (CCG's) to deal with on an individual basis. We both share the same challenge!

    I have dealt with this by defining specific applications and showing how the service increases productivity and/or quality of outcomes in a way that makes a real difference to the provider of a service. For example, you might claim that for a particular group of patients they typically have quicker and better outcomes with Moodscope than the current service, but you must be able to demonstrate this in easily accessible and simple metrics.

    Jon is doing the right thing with a formal evaluation, then I would suggest approaching a number of NHS providers to set up a number of collaborative trials where you can show the savings/improvements against a QIPP plan. From that point on you can argue that not using Moodscope means money is being wasted. From what I read above I would think the savings would be of such a magnitude that organisations would be pleased to take part.

    The critical aspect currently missing is the business model? It's currently free to everyone so you will need to create some additional value for providers otherwise why would they pay if they can simply refer people to the site anyway? You could also create a social enterprise or charity to run the service, in which case other sources of funding become available as providers push service provision to the third sector.

    Sorry there is not clear answer, but I hope this helps.

  118. Comment

    There must be an argument in terms of scale. At the time of writing this 517 people had voted for the site, some organisations multiply up the interest based on those who 'bother' to respond so this means that the number of active users must be huge. I don't know how many people are using Moodscope but at some stage it will get beyond being able to run and administer the site without having to dedicate more resources to it.

    There must be some way to make the argument that without sufficient and timely resources dedicated to Moodscope that when the number of users increase there could be a significant risk of it not being sustainable.

    I do feel a bit uncomfortable arguing the resources case at all as this is so dependent on where Jon and the team want to go in future. However, I have a protective feeling towards Moodscope (I'm not alone judging from the messages above) and would hate to presume on the voluntary energies of Jon and the team.

    Jon - hope you see this as support not interference :-)

  119. Comment
    Jon Cousins

    We're totally humbled to see the extraordinary level of support that's been expressed here for Moodscope and are just very very grateful. Thank you too for the many helpful suggestions and thoughts about funding.

    There are quite a few different possibilities for us in this respect. But above all it's absolutely essential to us that we find the best way to ensure that Moodscope is 100% sustainable. Here today, and (definitely) here tomorrow.

    Lots of people are relying on us and that's a big responsibility, which we fully intend to deliver on.

    Thanks so much, everyone.

  120. Comment
    John Campbell ( Idea Submitter )

    I very much support Moodscope and it is great to read of its evident efficacy here.

    I personally feel I don't quite 'chime' with the scoring system; sometimes I feel very happy and/or strong, and this is not particularly reflected in my Moodscope score.

    I also wonder if to score 100% one needs to be in a manic high?... is the optimum place to be say 82%?

    I wonder if there might be alternative scoring systems or criteria or guidance which Moodscope could possibly also offer...

  121. Comment

    CPFT (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mental Health Foundation Trust) have informally reviewed Moodscope and I for one would support any arrangement that made Moodscope more available, and would be happy to mediate a dialogue between Moodscope and CPFT in the context of the OASIS project (see other DoH Maps and Apps Ideas).

  122. Comment

    Hi John

    Regarding the Moodscope scoring. Everyone is different. For some 80% is a high score and for others it's a low score. We are aware that if someone with bipolar scores 100% it could indicate a 'manic/hypomanic' state.

    The test we're using is designed for general mood measurement, rather than for picking up the full spectrum of bipolar but we are already developing a special version of Moodscope which will include a test for mania.

  123. Comment

    Interesting this is very similar to our mobile app. Idea#341


  124. Comment

    Hi Jon

    On reflection I think I know a perfect match between yourselves and a funder. I have e-mailed Caroline with the details (didn't want to publish them here in case they were deluged and Moodscope was lost in that deluge)

  125. Comment

    If Moodscope were to receive government or private funding, it could only be beneficial to scores of people suffering with the debilitating effects of depression and associated mood disorders. However, it would be regrettable if as a result, the format of card flipping and recording were changed in any way or Jon's well-oiled machine were to become bogged down in red tape. Thanks to his inspiration and the hard work of his team, this non-threatening app offers much support, for which I am deeply appreciative.

  126. Comment
    John Campbell ( Idea Submitter )

    Great news that Moodscope has won a £25k grant, and a possible additional £150k of matching grants, under the Big Venture Challenge!

  127. Comment

    I've found Moodscope invaluable in helping me to track, and better understand, my moods. I also love the daily emails - always contain useful 'nuggets' to get me thinking... Thank you for such a wonderful tool.

  128. Comment

    I find this app very useful for keeping myself aware of trends in my moods and what things trigger low moods.

  129. Comment

    great, comforting, reassuring, never lets you down

  130. Comment

    I voted ages ago (and have a green 'tick' > thought I left a comment ~ perhaps not? ~

    Moodscope is helping me work out what throws my mood out and I too recommend it to all and sundry. Jon's daily reminders and insights make me feel cared for and supported. On my desk I have a note (and Moodscope seems to encapsulate it). Supposedly comes from George Bernard Shaw:

    'A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: "Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time." When asked which dog wins, he reflecte for a moment and replied, "The one I feed the most".'

  131. Comment

    This is an excellent tool, I'm trying to come to terms with the suicide of my son, and on awful days I can see that I'm actually better than a few months ago, and it lifts me tremendously just to know this. I love Moodscope.

  132. Comment

    Gentle, friendly, realistic ideas given on this site. Thank you

  133. Comment

    I look forward to using this app in the morning. Its fantastic and allows you to quantify your mood. Great website.

  134. Comment

    Moodscope is so simple but so effective. The tool gives hard evidence when your mood is low, which in itself is enough to give permission to ease up on yourself, which then rescues you from going further into the pit... I reckon this simple process has nevertheless turned me around from a number of 'on the brink' points over the last few months simply by reminding me of how low my mood is, which then somehow gives me permission to let go, stop working like a maniac and be kinder to myself.

    The kind, warm messages of Jon are a real highlight. Bit by bit that 'drip drip' effect of daily positive messages start to counteract the less noticeable negative internal dialogue. Massive thanks to Jon and the team; you are all stars!

  135. Comment

    Truly excellent. Please don't change. Simple and effective. Five months of usage for me and I have made more progress through learning that I do, in fact, have a pattern to my mood, than I have done with ALL the other (first-stop) methods put together. I also like feeling part of a functioning and healthy group where downs do not mean I feel I have a label around my neck. I feel accepted and normal. Something that is hugely important in this, sometimes self-stigmatised, area. Dare I say I am beginning to feel proud of my mood.......!.....regardless of what the score. I feel armed for the lows.

  136. Comment

    I discovered Moodscope through an online knitting group for knitters dealing with depression. I am amazed at not only the accuracy of this tool, but also how it is subtly changing my awareness of how depression affects my thoughts. My score moved steadily upwards over the weeks and now, months, that I have tried to record my scores on a daily basis.

    I have grown to look forward to the daily MoodScope reminder emails, written by someone who actually "gets it" about depression and is sharing a tool to help others struggling with this oppressive condition.

  137. Comment

    I am a cognitive behavioural therapist working in the NHS. I encourage all of my patients to use this website. It helps them to accurately monitor their feelings and to appreciate that emotions have many facets. Comments I have received back from patients suggest that by using Moodscope they become less global in their assessment of their moods and consequently more discriminating. They are less likely to get up and label themselves "depressed" and more likely to get up and think "I feel a bit angry today but I'm proud of my achievements yesterday and excited about going out today". So so helpful. In the spirit of self practice, I use it too. I have discovered a pattern to my moods that I had not appreciated and have been able to take self-caring steps to improve my mood at weekends, and not be daunted by all of the chores and constant child care. Thank you John for a great idea, and the determination to help others.

  138. Comment
    John Campbell ( Idea Submitter )

    @beverleycoghlan Beverley what would be the process for Moodscope to become well known to all CBT therapists working in the NHS (and thus to many more patients being able to benefit from it)? - and to CBT therapists in other countries?

  139. Comment

    Moodscope enables me to measure my moods on a regular basis. Ok, so deciding what 'proud' might feel like as opposed to 'a bit proud' is subjective and may take a few days to work out, but you soon find you've created your own scale of feelings which gives you an objvective day-by-day, week-by-week measure.

    I discovered over several months my low moods were directly linked to late nights so I have been able to change my behavious or at least realise/prepare for the consequences of late nights.

    I screen print the graphs to print them off and share them with my GP. Based on the moodscape evidence we recently reduced my medication. I don't feel as 'secure' as I was (on the moodscape measure I've decided this meeans less 'Strong', more 'Jittery' & more 'agressive'), but by measuring my mood on Moodscope I realised it's not actually as bad as I feel it is - So I will persist. Thank you Moodscope.

  140. Comment
    Jon Cousins

    On the last day of Maps and Apps it seems more than appropriate to say another huge thank you for all the incredible votes and comments that have been cast and made here on the Department of Health site in support of Moodscope.

    It was all really unexpected, and has provided a big boost to our team.

    A big 'well done' too to the other fantastic ideas which have been submitted during the run of the campaign. I'm certain that you've given the Dept of Health people a wealth of things to think about. The next steps will be fascinating.

    Finally three cheers for Shai and the entire Dept of Health team who are behind this farsighted initiative. You've all put a huge amount of energy and passion into running it. Thank you on behalf of each and everyone who has taken part.

  141. Comment

    This thread has, in and of itself, been a valuable learning experience for me in terms of WHO is using moodscope and HOW they are using it.

    Congratulations to Jon and his team on their Lottery funding and I look forward to the day when people who confess to NOT use moodscope at treated to quizzical, disbelieving looks!

  142. Comment
    Chris Rodgers

    Prefer Patients Like Me as it allows correlation with other conditions