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NHS local to provide digital services that transform healthcare

NHS local is the NHS’s digital health service in the West Midlands.


The first phase of this ambitious and fully funded five year project is now complete (, with a range of on-line news, information and media services already serving over 30,000 patients each month in the West Midlands.


The next stage of NHS local, currently being developed and released over the next six months, will see the service begin to transform the local NHS. We’re building on a firm base of positive user experiences to move the service to becoming much more personalised for both staff and patients. Our current development projects include:


Patient Records and Long Term Conditions Management – working with local clusters we are linking electronic health records to patient’s own records. For the first time we’ll be creating a place where patient’s, carers and clinicians can share clinical information and work together to support genuine self-care for long term conditions;


On-line Workforce Transformation – we’re working with the local workforce deanery to enable a transformation in workforce productivity and efficiency, through a range of targetted on-line workforce learning products;


Transparency, Choice and Service Selection – we’re working with patient opinion and service information providers to give patients, for the first time, a ‘one stop shop’ on service quality and patient opinion data, enabling informed choice and underpinning the government’s ‘complete revolution in transparency’;


Secondary Care Patient Experience - NHS local is beginning to change the way in which hospital based patient experiences can be improved. Our current work with Birmingham Children's Hospital is leading the way towards a next generation of on-line experience for patients - moving beyond on-line information provision towards genuine on-line interaction between patients and staff.


NHS local is an NHS West Midlands service provided by a consortium led by Maverick Television



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