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New Dental Contract Care Pathways App

We are a pilot site for the new NHS dental contract. We think that an app related to the care pathways would be a good idea.

When a patient comes for a check-up they are given scores depending on the dentist's findings of red, amber or green. Each score comes with different pieces of advice and recommendations both for the dentist and patient.

There could be an app where the patient can enter their scores from the printout they are given by us which will then explain to them more about things that are specific to them e.g. What gum disease is, tips on improving plaque control etc, to reinforce advice given by their dentist.

For example, a patient with a high sugar diet may be asked to fill in a diet diary for a week. This could be entered on the app. It also means patients will have access to all the advice that we give them and won't lose all the advice sheets.



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