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New recording, monitoring, behaviour change, LTC self care app

Wow, that’s a lot for an app to do I hear you say. You are right, it would need capabilities way beyond what is possible solely with a smartphone app. However "my favourite app" an NHS owned, low cost innovation “Florence” aka “Flo” is already doing all of this and a lot more, working with unlimited single conditions and co-morbidities sharing data instantly across primary, secondary and 3rd sector teams, but what it does not have yet is a smartphone app for patients.

The system is already inclusive, using SMS to communicate and the great majority give it a 5 out of 5 for ease of use. However although patients already get automated, personalised instant feedback (advice, education and reassurance) it would be a huge leap forward if a smartphone app were available for the patient front end featuring:

-Accessibility options for graphical manual input

-“in-app” storage of data

-“in-app” storage of patients own comments against data input

-Presentation of data in charts and graphs

-bluetooth links with clinical devices such as thermometers, weighing scales, Blood pressure meters, blood testing devices etc.

Making Flo slicker and more attractive for us app believers is all well and good, but more importantly it would also extend Flo’s great capabilities to cohorts of patients and social care users currently excluded due to accessibility, dexterity and inability to use SMS or mobiles.

“Flo is actively supporting the need to look holistically at patients in line with the QIPP LTC work stream.” Sir John Oldham: National Clinical Lead – Quality and Productivity, DoH

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    The opportunity for Flo to allow health care professionals to connect with their patients is exciting. Patients really value this contact and inturn facilitates patients remaining in their own homes and receiving treatment at the earliest opportunity, improving the outcome and experience for the patient and efficiency and cost effectiveness of the NHS.

  2. Comment
    Gerard Dillon

    STH has been used by LTC condition patients who have been discharged from the Virtual Ward since July. We have already had an impact on one patient whose pulse readings were low and an alert was sent to the virtual ward team. The patient was admitted to hospital on the day of the breach had surgery and has returned home. By identifying the deterioration early using Flo the patient has experienced improved quality of life and the early intervention has prevented a slow deterioration and a delayed procedure which could have carried greater risks.

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    It's alread proving its value in supporting people through flexible and creative use of mobile technology. Each week we learn of another way it can be used, challenging traditional ways of inforamtion sharing, encouraging flexibility in service delivery and supporting personalised health outcomes.

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    As a Tele-Healthcare project manager it was important for me to sign up to FLO for my own monitoring of hypertension - I have the personal proof of its value and share this with the clinicians as I demonstrate concept.

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    phil.oconnell ( Idea Submitter )

    Patients already like using Flo and as Flo can be used across a diverse range of conditions and pathways, is quick and easy to use, ACTUALLY RIGHT NOW connects patients with GP's and other clinicians across primary, community and acute organisations this "app" has a good base to go forwards from.