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Patients own Symptom Log

Patient Symptoms Log - More and more patients use smartphones or have access to internet, and it is not uncommon for them to access internet at least once a day or week. This app for smartphones (and a linked webpage accessible on the internet for PCs) should allow individuals to record any symptoms easily and readily - from mild headache, flu-like symptoms, cough, dental pain, altered bowels, abdominal discomfort, depression etc. as and when they occur with some options of details (all tickable rather than typing) - even before they visit GPs or not yet planning to.


This will be very useful for teenagers/young adults in the new world, by parents for their children, and by carers for elderly as they tend to forget and do not recall their symtpoms accurately. These extremes - young and elderly - are the biggest burden on healthcare anyways.


This should also have some trigger points for them to either go to a GP, walk-in or A&E for early-diagnosis. In the long term (and if our NHS IT systems work) - this could be linked in real-time with patients own e-healthrecords, so next time when they visit GPs or urgent care, a "symtom log" can be viewed over a period of time - inputted by the patients / carer themselves.


A quarterly / yearly symptom analysis should be easily accessible by the patients for their own use or for their GPs.



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