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Portsmouth Health Apps - Th!nk Twice, Health Visiting

In Portsmouth we are developing a small range of free NHS apps..initially on apple and then for android smart phones and ultimately Blackberry.

We have just had one accepted by Apple called Th!nk Twice and it can be downloaded and viewed by following this link onto an ipod/phone device. This is about school attendance and gives parents info they need based on DH guidance about when their child can go into school related to common/minor illnesses. the link is:!nk-twice/id459517241?mt=8.

Cut and paste into your browser to get to store for free download, site also shows some screen shots.

We have also devised a free NHS app about Breastfeeding, are working on one by School Nurses for advice and information for senior school aged children We are developing an app about Health Visiting for clients to access information about what is available locally and what the service can offer them. As an Early Implementer Site for Call to Action on Health Visiting Implementation Plan this will help us to get info out to expectant and new parents all about the new Health Visiting service in Portsmouth.

We have developed 2D barcodes to enable easy access to the apps and plan to use them on posters, on leaflets and other printed sources locally to increase easy and fast access to the app. We are keen to explore opportunities using the GPS technology which, once given permission to use, could be used to advise clients where their nearest Child Health Clinic, GP practice/surgery or next Breastfeeding group is held in relation to their current position. Clients will be able to see info, watch video clips, access local info, work from a menu for related info and email or telephone call into services during working hours and can send info to compatible printers all by clicking onto links in the apps.


There is also an app which has been produced about the Portsmouth Sexual Assault Treatment centre called Treetops and it's entitled ' Rape, short word long sentence' aimed at young people to help them understand the situations they can get into at parties and where alcohol in consumed and what can happen next and the consequences. The short film was designed and filmed locally using young people the centre and local police cells and has been used extensively in and around Portsmouth to help young people both understand the dangers and also what to do if and about the consequences to help them think about their choices and give them the information they need to have. The app gives end user privacy to the viewer and shows the film (various versions) a range of info and gives contact info about how to get help if needed through a direct call to the centre. The app has not yet been approved by Apple.

Finally work is underway on developing a Stop Smoking app and also one for Healthy Weight

Local contact for more information: Jenny Gilmour, Service Manager Children and Families Solent NHS Trust



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