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Smartphone health app for teenagers and young adults

young people are engaging with smart phone technology in large proportions. By now, almost all new phones on the market are of the smartphone variety, and while young people and teenagers fail to engage in traditional means of health education such as leaflet/poster/TV campaigns, their interest and high ratio of engagement with smartphone apps and mobile social networking illustrates there is a clear market for a form of smartphone tool that can engage with a young person's health in a way the traditional GP health centre is failing.


a smartphone app for teenagers and young adults could downloadable for free, perhaps in conjunction with some sort of celebrity endorsement (similar to the JLS condom campaign) which could easily include some or all of the following:

-A wikipedia-style information tool with easy to follow and clear guidance on sexually transmitted diseases and treatment, common relationship issues (ie sexual orientation, puberty, etc) amongst young people, perhaps some information on substance abuse as well.

-An electronic voucher which can be redeemed for free over-the-counter contraceptives

-A hot key which dials to a freephone hotline such as 'Frank' where young adults can ask questions relating to their health and wellbeing

-A GPS tool which illustrates the closest young person/sexual health clinic to the smartphone user, as well as contact details, opening hours, need for an appointment, etc.



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