Ideas for a new health app

THE DIABETES APP using FoodWiz software

Ideas for a new Health App - THE DIABETES APP using FoodWiz software


Type 2 diabetes is largely a product of poor diet and lifestyle. By controlling diet and weight, we can eliminate 80% of Type 2 diabetes, with all of its dreadful side effects. This app would be 'prescribed' by the GP as soon as a patient presents with either 'pre -diabetes' or full Type

1 or 2 diabetes. The first part of the app will use existing FoodWiz software and the second part needs NHS help and support.


Part 1. This is for patients with Type 2 diabetes.It is similar to the FoodWiz OBESITY app, which encourages the patients to take control of their own weight loss, instead of relying on expensive medication,surgery and obesity clinics.

The patient downloads the app onto their smartphone - this contains the food and drink databases of the major supermarkets, over 100,000 items, with 100 new ones added every day. (NB. The supermarkets have never shared these before). When the patient goes shopping, he/she simply zaps the barcode of any item on the shelf and IMMEDIATELY the phone gives the calories/ carbs/ fats in that item.The patient is fully informed without having to

struggle to read and understand the small print on the packaging.The app will support and educate the patient when he is making food choices.


The app will keep a FOOD DIARY for the patient, adding up calories and carbs as they are

consumed.The app will alert patients when they have eaten 1000, 1500, 2000 calories. It will suggest exercises and lifestyle changes to aid weight loss.It will be 'The Trainer in your



With NHS help, the food diary can be sent directly to the clinic or dietician helping the patient and thousands can be monitored at one time. A weight diary can be recorded and can also be sent to the clinic.At the moment, these clinics and surgeries are overwhelmed. This app will take the pressure off, save money and help diabetics to lose weight permanently.


PART 2. This will help millions of Type 1 and 2 diabetics to monitor and control their own condition, with close NHS monitoring and support.The data collected by the patient will be relayed electronically to whichever surgery/clinic/dietician is monitoring them. One nurse will be able to look after many more patients and will be alerted to problems much more quickly than at the present time.


Blood Sugar record. The app will remind patients to test their blood sugar and manually record it on the phone. ( In time, this will be done by voice recognition).

An alarm will indicate if the blood sugars are outside normal parameters and the phone will advise the patient to seek medical advice. Simultaneously, the readings will be sent electronically to the nurse or doctor in charge of the patient.Problems will be dealt with more quickly, efficiently and cheaply than they are now.


Medication Alarm.One of the major problems for many diabetics, particularly newly-diagnosed ones, is to remember to take the medication. The phone will remind patients to do so, will record when the medication has been taken and automatically send the relevant data to the nurse. Along with the food diary, also sent electronically, this data will be vital in making a detailed patient assessment and show the professional how well the patient is managing his/her condition.


It is time for a radical, modern and efficient approach to the growing problem of diabetes in the UK. People carry their phones with them all the time and research has shown they are keen to use them for all sorts of health reasons.The DIABETES APP will help patients struggling to understand and manage their health problems and take the pressure off the already overloaded NHS.


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