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The Obesity App using FoodWiz Technology

My idea for a new app - The Obesity App using FoodWiz software


Obesity, with all of its attendant physical side-effects, is a huge global problem and is getting worse. At the moment,prevention and treatment is limited and ineffective - time for a new approach! This app will put control of diet, exercise and lifestyle firmly back into the hands of the individual by using the smartphone to educate and support the person who needs to lose weight, for whatever reason.GPs would 'prescribe' the app rather than expensive tablets or surgery.










The FoodWiz app already has the databases from the major supermarkets available to

download. It will be able to: 1. Keep a food diary - on the phone, rather than on paper.

2. Count calories/carbs/fats for the user as the day progresses.

When 1000 calories have been consumed, the phone can alert

the user. The same for 1500 and 2000 calories.

3. Suggest exercises and fat-burning activities. It will be the

personal trainer in your pocket'!

4. WITH NHS SUPPORT, the data collected could be sent directly

to the GP, the clinic or the dietician -many more people could

be monitored that at present.


Half of this programme has already been written but we need NHS support to finish it off. A YouGov survey showed that 70% of overweight people would be 'likely or certain' to use such an app if it was available. It will increase responsibility for our own health and save the NHS a fortune.


Fiona Unwin



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