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Warfarin monitoring app

Patient oriented app for managing Warfarin dosing and would be linked to their local anticoagulation clinic/GP practice (whoever prescribes/monitors).

Here's how I envisage the app will work - patient attends blood-taking clinic, INR results processed later and sent to either the warfarin prescriber or an automated computer system. Message is then sent to the app and by text and email (just to be sure) of the next dose. The app would also include information on next test date (with automatic reminders) and basic clinical information (e.g. had DVT, on Warfarin until certain date and target INR) that could be shown if patient ends up in hospital.

Could be called myINR, iNR, both probably already copyrighted though... have checked android market and see nothing similar


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    An app that allows users of self test INR machines to send in their INR results. INR results are checked on a regular basis by patients on either long or short term anticoagulation treatments such as warfarin. Although the app would not predict any changes in dosage, it could alert you to speak with a medical professional immediately should there be a significant issue with your latest result, which in turn would flag to a medical professional that a specific patient has a possible dosage issue. The app would then email / text the patients anticoag clinic, clinic calculates new dosage if requires and contacts the patient back either through the app.

    The app could then have a notifier to alert the patient to any immediate changes to dosage.

    It could notify you / your GP when your prescription is running low by keeping a track of the tablets received and consumed, to ensure a new prescription is written and available in plenty of time.

    App could also have a built in multi alarm system that reminds the patient when to take their medication and how much as well as when to self test. This could also take into account time differences when a patient travels abroad.

    Can also have a ‘have taken’ button to help those who may forget later in the day whether or not they have taken their medication that day.

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      Other than keeping track of tablets, my favourite app Florence will soon be doing just this. It is capable right now technically, however the challenge is getting the home testing kit suppliers and labs/clinicians linked into the process. We are currently looking into a joint project with Hull University using this model.

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      As someone who is on Warfarin for life I really appreciate this idea (and the other ones in the comments here). I like the practical approach and it shows insight into how time consuming testing, dosing advice and obtaining new prescription can be. Until I came across self testing (and buying the device myself) I have spend many frustrating hours waiting around in clinics. However, support for self testing could be better, particularly in the beginning and this app would help address this.

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    Monitoring and adjusting warfarin levels is include in the 'Thrombosis Guidlines' for iPhone, although the advice is aimed at professionals. The app is listed on this site.