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Your PlanB: 3 self assessment games for financial exclusion

My idea is to have help to develop an app where people can assess their own signs and symptoms &, issue knowledge & risk factors for financial exclusion and money worries/debt. I already provide community level workshops on these 3 topics using games and "hands on activities" where the outcome of each activity show a risk level for the individuals participating.

The workshops have a health improvement focus as all our clients ( to our social enterprise debt advice service) have welbeing or health issues from being financially excluded or in debt. I would propose the app was 3 games and each game assesses your risk level. its perfect for individuals with a personal interest but also crucial for carers, health workers and generally anyone interested in this topic, assessing it and managing it in themselves and those they support and care for.


The games are " People shuffle" where "people" become pieces in a game each holding a card which represents one of 20 common risk factors. The person using/playing the app shuffles the people/cards into the order they believe is correct for a risk spectrum aka the lowest on one side and the highest on the other side. The app calculates how accurate and knowledgeable the player is.


The 2nd game is " signs and symptoms" where the person using the app makes judgements on what health & social signs and symptoms they or people around them display when they are in money trouble or are financially excluded. The app calculates how quickly the person does this and how many " accurate" judgements they make.


The last part is a True and False " game-show" quiz. Where the app arranges statements such as " the average debt in individuals is £7,000" and the player then chooses where the statement goes : aka True or False area. There are 14 statements in all. At the end of this the app calculates how quickly the quiz was completed and how many were correct.



Overall all 3 activities produce a final total number and risk level for the person and makes recommendations for good advice agencies, professional services and advisors for that person to seek support, advice and help to reduce their risk level and/or address their money worries.


This is a topical, fun and engaging app that ANYONE can play as we are all in debt and we all have a risk level for money worries.


We run our own fun and positive financial inclusion service where we do workshops, training events and activities with many types of people. We are also skilled and accredited money advisors and debt counsellors so this App isnt from no-where.


I would call this App " Your PlanB" as everyone needs a PlanB when they have money concerns.



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