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adrenal insuffiency

adrenal insuffiency, this is becoming a common thing but it is not being recognised by the med proff.i have had all the horrific symptoms and becos there is no recognision until it gets to addisons disease i was left to suffer, it was total torture, i had dizzyness, lightheadedness, low bp. sometimes would drop as low as 97systolic, weakness, wieghtloss, nausea, muscle an dnerve twitching, nervous system haywire like hydrolic motor, internal and external trembling, adrenaline surges stopping me sleeping or relaxing repeatly waking me thru the enight, feeling terribly ill, shaking, and vomiting, this is dangerous, i even had to ask for a drip! i have never recovered, if thyroid is treated first without adrenals it simply make s you fel even worse, damage is now done to my nervous system an dno one can help so iam fobbed off. its is really disgraceful. look up addisons and adrenal fatique sites ( proper sites) forself.



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