Ideas for a new health app

Mobile app for patient observations - safety and health benefits

This app is intended for use on inpatient psychiatric units where patients are ambulatory but their movements and whereabouts on the ward - and type of behaviour/activities engaged in - needs to be monitored (this is currently done on paper with all of the associated issues of that). The app is meant purely to monitor behaviour and whereabouts not mental/emotional state. As a mobile app this software would be loadable... more »


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Ideas for a new health app - A Smart Phone Application to help the NHS

Our cutting edge service see allows smart phone users (iphone, Nokia and Android) to view information relevant to their needs based on their location and what information is nearby. It works like an interactive website linked to a location. Just by holding up a phone and looking around through their smart phone camera, the general public can view clickable information on their phone screens linking them... more »


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Your favourite existing health app

Tonic — an app for making self-care easier

Tonic is an iPhone app that helps people to remember and record all their health activities. It is very easy to use, and is flexible enough to support anything health related: medications, symptoms, therapies, biometrics, food, exercise, appointments, chores, etc. By taking away the mental stress of trying to remember, and worrying whether you forgot something, Tonic makes it easier to take care of yourself every day.... more »


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