Your favourite existing health app

Calorific - App to help monitor diet and exercise

This is a great app on the Android market place. It is a free dowlnload that helps you to manage and track your diet, gives information on key food items and an estimated calorie count. It acts as an exercise buddy and by providing information on food it has an educational element to help you make life changes to your diet and exercise.For more information see: more »


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Ideas for a new health app

Exercise app for patients at home or in healthcare settings

Develop a patients exercise app for COPD, Diabetes, CHD, Obesity, and falls prevention that gives patients specific exercises to do with motivational interactive support from PTs/Physios, 'exercise buddies' and 'exercise communities' . It would also include fun activities and location finders for zumba, nordic walking, boxercise, walking4health etc with daily/weekly support functions that patients are involved in choosing-... more »


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