Ideas for a new health app - A Smart Phone Application to help the NHS

Our cutting edge service see allows smart phone users (iphone, Nokia and Android) to view information relevant to their needs based on their location and what information is nearby. It works like an interactive website linked to a location. Just by holding up a phone and looking around through their smart phone camera, the general public can view clickable information on their phone screens linking them ...more »


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Ideas for a new health app

Disabled toilet facilities

A GPS related app detailing the location of disabled changing facilities across the uk. Providing info as to whether there is just a toilet or whether changing beds and hoists are available. Opportunity to rate the facilities and opportunity to suggest other locations for such facilities.


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Your favourite existing health app

Intermediate Care app for busy GPs

At NHS Berkshire West we have developed a directory of Intermediate Care services for GPs. The aim is that busy GPs can keep up to date with the large menu of services available under the umbrella of Intermediate Care which aims to prevent people from going into hospital. The app supports touch screen dialling so GPs do not have to carry service information with them. It was developed as a web page so that it is compatible ...more »


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