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‘Patient Safety Manual’ by Cranworth Medical. Free to download

The ‘Patient Safety Manual’ originally existed in paper format and had been created by senior consultants from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust to aid junior doctors. Over several years this paper manual evolved into an invaluable guide to common clinical situations, such as chest pain, alcohol withdrawal or hypertension, and commonly needed reference material, such as optimum fluid management, common drug doses and clinical scoring systems.




After consultation with junior doctors that lead to an overwhelmingly positive response, the patient safety manual was converted into an iPhone app and was released toward the end of June 2011. The conversion of the app was done by two medical SpRs working in the Trust. The format of the app has enabled us to expand the content of the manual beyond what would be easily usable in paper format. Since release, this free app has featured on the front page of the UK iTunes medical section and has been downloaded in over 50 countries.



The design of the app provides us with an easy and sustainable method of modifying and/or adding further information with ease. We have already started to review other guidelines within the Trust to ascertain which might be suitable for inclusion. The use of this app by junior doctors, in our Trust and others, means that juniors can be more certain of their actions and patients can receive the best evidence based care.


Here's a link to the Patient Safety Manual on the app store


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