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Comfort despite comorbidities

It should be possible to take two conditions that commonly co-exist in patients and create a simple Q&A that helps to risk-stratify patients according to their symptoms. This already exists for single conditions but, in terms of priorities for the NHS, investing in something that starts to tackle common co-morbidities would make sense. Note that Map of Medicine already has experience of doing this for single conditions (for Intel) and our experience suggests that, although not trivial, extending to co-morbidities is likely to be fruitful. Clearly the benefit of such an approach is that patients with multiple chronic conditions can be more effectively managed at home, safe in the knowledge that by doing the Q&A they are communicating with their care providers. It's worth noting, though, that in elderly groups, it is likely to be necessary to have a print-based solution that can be converted into an electronic form, given the level of IT adoption in that group.



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