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Community Staff Caseload Map for Safe, Efficient Mobile Working

This is a mobile app to help community health staff plan their visits and make sure their colleagues know where they are if there are safety concerns.


The staff member will use the application to connect to a secure database to access location data of the patients they are planning to visit. As they select the patients, their addresses will be plotted on a map. They can then use the Sat nav functionality built into their phone to find their way from one patient to the next.


The type of data they view will depend on the type of visits they are doing but it will be configurable to suit the user's requirements. Typically it would include name address and postcode, but it could also include relevant clinical information and contact details of other people involved with the patient.


The app will recognise from the location information when a visit has been made, and can upload this information to the database to provide a record of the visit. Optionally the staff member could enter additional information to be added to the patient record.


Safety alerts could be built into the system, for example to send email to someone in the event that the phone has remained in the same location for more that a defined time period.


This app could be used by any healthcare organisation. The database interface would be straightforward, requiring only a few fields to be in the data feed to make the app useful. Adding more than the basic patient address data would be done to suit the organisation's requirements, as would writing back to the source database.


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