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DASH II Application - A decision aid for clot busting treatment

Thrombolysis (or “clot busting drug”) is used to treat stroke caused by a blocked blood vessel to part of the brain (ischaemic stroke). Before treatment, a clinician must assess the patient to ensure they are suitable to receive thrombolysis and then consider the balance of risks and benefits with the patient and/or relatives as appropriate. The main side effect of thrombolysis is bleeding in the brain (intracranial haemorrhage), which can result in death or disability.


The DASH II Application is a web app that allows clinicians to input the clinical details of a stroke patient and formulate a graphical risk presentation showing the predicted likelihood of recovery, moderate or severe disability, or death with or without thrombolysis. These presentations can be used by the treating clinician to assess risks and benefits and shown to the patient or family member to support shared decision making and informed consent.


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