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Early Intervention In Psychosis App. By Surrey & Borders NHSFT

The Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIIP) service is working on the first EIIP mobile phone app.


The main purpose of the app. is to engage with the age group of which the EIIP service is aimed (14-35 year olds) via a platform which is seen as integral to this demographic.


The objectives of the app are to:

• Provide advice and guidance to anyone concerned about possible symptoms of mental illness shown by themselves or others.

• Allow users who are taking prescribed medication to get information of the medicine, visually track their medication usage and receive timely reminders to take their medication.

• Offer an appointment reminder to improve timely access of services and reduce unattended appointments.

• Provide a treatment, symptom and symptom improvement tracker, which can be used to help individuals make informed choices about treatment and reinforce healthy behaviors.

• Provide access to help or emergency services via the ICE (In Case of Emergency) function.


This app will offer young people, who already use mobile phones for a significant part of their lives, a way to seamlessly integrate health improvement into their day to day mobile phone use.


The EIIP mobile app. has been registered with NHS Innovations and is subject to intellectual property rights.


We are hoping to produce the app later on this year.


You can find out what young people and clinicians say about the service by visiting the EIIP website:



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