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HealthPro:An App for Everyday Healthy Living and Preventions


HealthPro aims to facilitate to control chronic diseases as well as major health conditions, daily food tips & track, recommends user exercises & preventions also creates community for a like users location wise. Community can organize program for similar problems and solution. Community will include Diseased, Doctors, Fitness Experts, etc.


o Keep daily track of your chronic disease is the most important factor

o Group and community motivate to monitor and follow the regime

o A journal to record & share the progress

o Save valuable time and money by

o Limiting frequent visits to doctors & Gym

o Providing users point of time recommendation

o Help users to find the relevant information faster By providing

o Important daily health tips

o Huge food database with nutritional facts.

o Daily food tips helps to follow the perfect diet

o Expert answers from doctors and fitness experts.


This is an enormous help to stay healthy and manage our health & fitness as well as exercise routine! Some of us are having health issues and this really helps us to stay on top of them and prevent issues! It's easy and fun to use. And the friends & community feature is great for accountability. It's a huge help, and saves lots of money compared to seeing a doctor or nutritionist.



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