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Information Prescription app - improving patient information

An Information Prescription app would enable and support greater use of the existing functionality on NHS Choices to produce Information Prescriptions.


The Information Prescription Service (IPS) allows users, both professional and public, to create information prescriptions (IPs) for long-term health needs.


Information Prescriptions are a quick and easy way to provide trusted, reliable information about a wide range of health conditions. They bring together a wealth of information from NHS Choices and its charity partners to make it easier for the public and health professionals to find the information they need.


Information Prescriptions can help create better informed patients who are better placed to make decisions about their care and well-being, and manage changes in their health status. Information gives people the power and confidence to become partners in their care. It helps them to regain a sense of control over their lives and can reduce the fear and loneliness that the diagnosis of a life-threatening or long-term condition can bring.


For simple Information Prescriptions go to:


For advanced Information Prescriptions go to:



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