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Instant Feedback (IF) patient experience app

Instant Feedback (IF) patient experience app:


We know the need for real time patient experience feedback is the one area that is currently missing in our healthcare system. Real time feedback allows problems to be addressed as they happen and transforms patient care as a result.

We also recognised that the patient feedback needs are the same in a primary and secondary care setting, where there is a significant overlap between outpatients and GP surgeries. As a joint venture between Slaters Bridge Primary Care Group and Northumbria Healthcare Foundation Trust - we have designed and developed an app for the iPad, that is quick to use, attractive and combines both instant feedback and the ability to track performance over time retrospectively too. This app would be transferable to other tablet devices, is rich in information but specifically designed to give instant feedback performance alerts.

Far cheaper than traditional kiosks - the hardware being the ipad (£439) and kiosk surround (from £99) as one off costs, we plan to launch a free app instant feedback app, with monthly direct debit per terminal to cover the retrospective data analysis facilities running behind the app. Such a combination makes real time feedback affordable to out-patient departments and GP surgeries and serves as a future revenue stream for Northumbria Healthcare and Slaters Bridge, both not for profit organizations dedicated to improving patient care.

The App survey would take less than 30secs to complete with 4 screens, the first a quick drop down menu for basic bio demographics and identifying the clinician seen, screens two and three take you through 10 validated questions around the aspects of care that we know matter most to patients and a net promoter question, the fourth screen offers a facility for free text from anyone and a specific offer of a telephone interview for any identified detractors of the service.

Comparable norms are available based on national survey data, and using calculations in the background the app subtly colour changes from green, through amber to red ,at the periphery to indicate performance scores lying outside performance benchmarks. These scores may also be adjusted by the clinic to create movement on a cycle of continuous improvement. The data collected will also be analysed on a central server and will be available for analysis by week, month, quarter of year and by clinician or issues.

The IF app allows for multiple language versions to be available instantly depending on the needs of the user. Using the wipe clean touch screen interface should eliminate infection control issues . Exciting graphical interfaces should entice users and ultimately the screen could be used to display accessible info graphics about each organisation or departments’ results as an information service to patients and their families.

We believe this is an app that could radically improve the care we give to patients across the health divide and allow meaningful comparisons between varying clinical settings.



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