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Kinesis - GP referrals and more

This is a great application, piloted by NHS East of England, that allows GPs to find and communicate with Consultants as an alternative to referring the patient to secondary care.


It includes 'Presence' which indicates who is online, Instant Messaging, a 'Buddy list', search based on specialty, location, special interests and more. Most importantly it also allows the conversatoin to be raised to a Conferral, which can drive payment (non-face-to-face tariff).


Other features include SMS notifications, post-conferral feedback, user ratings and a secure message store.


It's a great application that has the potential to save the NHS many £millions (even with a pessimistic business case), if only more clinicians were using it. It supports Care Closer to Home, Patient Choice and promotes treatment in primary care without disadvantaging secodary care





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