Ideas for a new health app

Lifestyle/risk factor calculator and advice provider

The National Osteoporosis Society would support an app which enables users to input a variety of information about themselves and their lifestyles. This would generate basic advice about some specific conditions which they should be aware of. The information could include some of the symptoms which they should look out for.


For example, a number of factors can put people at risk of osteoporosis and broken bones: these include their genetic profile, age, gender, ethnic background, body weight and history of previous fractures. Some medical conditions also increase risk. If an individual over the age of 50 has suffered a broken bone by falling from a standing height or less, the app could advise them to see their GP to find out if a bone health assessment is appropriate.


Identifying a potential risk of osteoporosis and broken bones could be just one of the functions for this app, which could provide advice on a range of other conditions.



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