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Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool ('MUST' App from BAPEN)

Malnutrition is a major public health issue as at any one time more than 3 million adults in the UK are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition, the majority living in the community. Additionally, around 1 in 3 of adults is malnourished or at risk of malnutrition on admission to hospital or recent admission to care homes.

However, much malnutrition remains unidentified and untreated, unnecessarily increasing the risk of infection, complications, and increased visits to hospital and GP.

The 'MUST' App for the iPhone from BAPEN, the e-version of the charity's validated and most commonly-used screening tool for malnutrition, quickly and accurately calculates every patient's risk, creating their malnutrition 'score'. Based on the 'MUST' score, health and care staff in community, care home and hospital can implement individual nutritional care plans with confidence.

The 'MUST' screening tool is endorsed by the nursing, dietetic, medical, pharmacy and care professions in hospital, care and community and plays an essential part in the delivery of safe quality nutritional care as required by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) and NICE.

With the 'MUST' App for the iPhone now in BAPEN's 'MUST' Toolbox for screening for malnutrition, health and care professionals have a choice between using paper, web or app based tools!


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