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Me, Myself & I app - holistic approach to health and wellbeing

The ‘Me, Myself & I’ concept has been created by Staffordshire County Council and is being converted into an app which puts the individual in control of identifying their health and social care needs through innovative game play.

The app acts as an independent self-assessment tool and can be used by patients, healthcare professionals and support workers.


The individual plays a card game which takes a holistic approach to looking at their health by ‘dealing’ cards in the following categories – My Health, My Home, My Safety, My Life and My Money, exploring the impact that factors such as home environment and money can have on someone’s health.


At the end of the game the individual is issued with a life prescription highlighting risk factors and areas that need addressing, enabling them to manage their condition/lifestyle. The app can also prevent crisis situations such as hospital admission, by identifying the risk of a fall or similar.


This app is based on an established paper board game called ‘Me, Myself & I’ which has been used by Staffordshire County Council to help people identify what they need to live independently.


The ‘Me, Myself & I’ app is in development, working with the Serious Games Institute who are part of Coventry University, and will be available soon.



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