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Medimate Self Care, managing the effects of Medication

Medimate Selfcare, managing the effects of using Medication

Background. Patients are living longer as better medication is developed to improve their quality of lives. However Patients are finding themselves taking medication more regularly and also having to go to their GP more frequently to report the effects of the medication. This causes an increasing burden on the NHS.

If you suffer from PAIN or DEPRESSION or any illness requiring medium to long term medication imagine being able to email a graph of your pain/mood levels encountered everyday over a month to the NHS and then being given feedback remotely or even being called up with advice on what next to do instead of constantly burdening you and the NHS doctors with repeat appointments.

Medimate is a SELF CARE app that reminds you not only to take your medicine regularly (useful for multiple medications daily) but also allows you to record regularly the EFFECTS of the medicine in a QUALITATIVE manner. For pain patients enter their pain level (1 to 10) and a graph can then printed out or emailed to the NHS for review. Doctors will now have a QUALITATIVE measure of the quality of the effects of MEDICATION instead of asking patients adhoc verbal questions .

Medimate can help patients come off drugs by managing their dosage (E.g. Depression) under strict guidance from a GP. Dosage levels could be suggested by GPs and then entered into the app to allow patients to come off Anti-Depression medication in a controlled manner. Currently verbal advice is given and patients rely on writing down dosages using pen and paper on a paper diary (How unreliable and archaic)


1. Self Care. Saves the NHS money as patients take the key role of monitoring their recovery not

2. Aids self recovery. Patients can monitor their progress or lack or progress and can proactively seek help or seek reduction in medication.

3. Qualitative feedback. Measured feedback presented in a graph.

4. More accurate medication dosage. Patients are reminded to take the right medicine regularly using an alarm on the smartphone

5. Reduction in doctor appointments. If patients got call backs or email feedback on their graph data then there would be less need for face to face appointments.

6. Multiple Applications. Many illnesses can be monitored from DEPRESSION to PAIN to Diabetes.


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