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MicroGuide app

Our favourite app is the popular MicroGuide app, which helps clinicians treat patients with infections.


It's designed to provide practical decision-making support for medical staff at the point of care when treating patients with infection. It's particularly helpful for doctors in situations that are not in their immediate area of expertise.


You can quickly establish each patient’s risk of infection caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as well as how severely ill the patient is. You are then given an indication of the most appropriate therapy choices tailored to the individual and the affected part of the body.


The app was put together by top infectious diseases specialists at Southampton's university hospitals in response to appeals from junior doctors, so it meets a real need for today's clinicians. Plus there is a paediatric module in development so it will soon be applicable to children as well as adults.


The MicroGuide is different from other apps because it is not just a learning tool, but a practical aid on the ward. It can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad and Android as a native app so doesn't require internet connection for use. And it incorporates dosing calculators and advice on handling and resolving cases of MRSA, risk factors associated with Clostridium difficile and guidance on penicillin allergy.


It's incredibly useful for our doctors - we wouldn't be without it!


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