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Mobile Patient Education--Gamified & Feedback Looped

Orca MD has developed 6 orthopedic patient education applications (SpineDecide, ShoulderDecide, KneeDecide, AgingSpine, FootDecide, HandDecide), 2 cosmetic patient education apps (BreastDecide, FaceDecide), & 1 for the Eye (EyeDecide).


We're in the process of developing several more.


Each app takes advantage of our proprietary 3D engine to educate patients about the anatomy, common conditions, best practice solutions, and helps patients to Find A Specialist. All include medical imagery. Some include surgical videos.


You can connect it to a TV or projector or use AirPlay to show a class of Medical students at Imperial or biology students in sixth form.


We believe interactive and 'gamified' patient education with feedback loops will lower costs and increase patient satisfaction in the UK and the rest of the world.


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