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Moodometer - your interactive mood diary

Moodometer is a discrete, portable and easy to use interactive mood diary which helps you monitor, understand and receive top tips on your emotional wellbeing, whenever or wherever you are.


Emotional wellbeing is as important as our physical health and the more we are aware of how we feel - be it happy or sad - the more we can start to take control of our own health.


With millions of people updating Twitter and Facebook statuses with their feelings and moods every day, the Moodometer allows you to do the same but on a more personal level.


You can use Moodometer to:

• Rate your mood

• Track your mood using a 90 day mood graph

• Record comments in a confidential mood diary

• Monitor what influences your mood to understand yourself better

• Receive tips to help you improve and maintain your mood

• Access help when you need it most

• View the mood for your area and see how others around you are feeling


Moodometer benefits

• A built in reminder system to help you monitor your wellbeing regularly

• Personalised triggers based on your mood recordings

• Tips and guidance are based on the mood influences you record

• Direct access to help and support, 24/7

• Record your mood as many times a day as you like

• Encourages you to take control of your emotional wellbeing


Help and support triggers

If you’re feeling down for longer periods, Moodometer automatically gives you options on how and where to get further help. These include short films, questionnaires, access to self help information and direct help from Samaritans when you need it most.


If you live in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire you can automatically get direct access to services, help and support provided by 2gether NHS Foundation Trust’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies service when you need it most.


Moodometer is currently available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can download it from the App Store -


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