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Mydex personal data service

My idea is for a personal data service that will allow me to connect to my health and well-being records, store them safely and share the records with others. I control and manage my records and share my personal information appropriately across the spectrum of my life, not just as a series of one-to-one relationships. I can share my GP test results with specialist clinicians (via Patients Know Best, for example), my gym workout information with my physiotherapist and a general bill of health summary with my health insurance company.


A series of simple apps manage the personal data service by collating and making the most of my personal data. The apps guide me to the people and resources I need. The apps control data transfers to make sure that only the right people see my data and are supported by a secure data management and sharing service.


I started my life with a “Red Book” app that my mum carried around on her smart phone. I have a dental app that allowed me to transfer my records quickly to a new practice when we moved and to pass on my dental history when I went to an orthodontic practice. I use a diabetes app to monitor my daily glucose level and can share the results with my GP and specialist. As I got older, more of my personal records became visible to me. I could see everything at eighteen and my parents (and anyone else) can only see my information if I choose to let them. My dad has given me access to his diabetes related records and I have permission to share that information with my GP and specialist.


I have a dashboard that de-codes medical jargon, and reminders and alerts set up where helpful; I know exactly what is going on and have full control of my health and well-being.



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