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NHS Direct app

The NHS Direct app allows people to access trusted and reliable health advice conveniently, wherever they are. Outcomes may include instant on-screen self-care advice or instructions on the most appropriate course of action. Patients can save any self-care advice they receive back to the app or email it to themselves so that they can access it easily at a later date. The app is linked to NHS Direct’s telephone service and, if a further assessment is recommended, patients can submit their contact details so that an NHS Direct nurse advisor can call them back.


The app includes access to 40 health and symptom checkers covering a wide range of problems including dental pain, diarrhoea and vomiting, abdominal pain, rashes, back pain, bites and stings and burns. Patients can also get advice about how to relieve symptoms associated with specific conditions such as flu and hay fever. There’s also the opportunity to get more specialist advice on issues such as mental health, contraception, sexual health matters and pregnancy problems.


The app is available through Android or iPhone smartphones. It has been used over 760,000 times since its launch at the end of May 2011.


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