Ideas for a new health app

Personal Health Record & Remote Monitoring

The Application:


The concept is to develop a Personal Health Record (PHR) application on mobile platforms capable of personal monitoring and connecting remotely with advisors/clinicians. The PHR could be used by all age groups for general health monitoring or for clinical monitoring of conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy or chronic heart conditions.


This Mobile App would be a very simple, touch screen, user-friendly and interactive one with various health and well-being modules, automated clinical alerts and reminders. The data transfer would use a standards-based secured ‘information exchange framework’, offering confidential information exchange between existing systems and mobile platforms. The single input multiple use information would not only save time but add quicker action and clinical decision support with the advisors dealing the traffic light type alerts - the red alerts as a higher priority than the amber alerts. The green information could be automatically saved in personalised folders for future attention.


The application is planned in phases.

• 1st Phase

To tackle the rising need to control obesity and well-being in adults and children in the UK population. Obesity related costs are published as ~£4.2 million annually.

We propose to develop an anti-obesity monitoring application consisting of an interactive diary and calorie maintenance features. The application is connected via our secured framework to authenticated specialists for scrutinising, analysing and auditing. The bi-directional communication exchange would allow remote monitoring by the advisor to comprehend and encourage pro-active action for maintaining a healthy life style.


Customised conditional alerts, relevant to the health monitoring of the individual (e.g. diabetes/heart condition, allergy or medication contraindications, pregnancy needs etc.). Early intervention process would reduce GP or A&E attendances.


The Monitors in this case could vary from Specialists, Dieticians, health/social carers, Pharmacies, Outreach clinics, Community Carers, to Gym, Sports or Leisure Centre Trainers, School Nurses, Parents, Carers, Weight watching clubs and any other.


• 2nd Phase –

To integrate the application to 3rd party diagnostic devices, such as Blood glucometer, Blood Pressure meter, Foetal heartbeat monitor or any other digital devices and help Advisors to make informed decisions on further actions to prevent emergency situations. Data overload to the Advisor would be prevented by the use of conditional alerts and customised traffic light type messaging system, which also would permit pro-active action for the at risk patients.




 To allow individuals the convenience of self-monitoring while having the peace of mind to connect to advisors as needed.

 To reduce the cost of the NHS significantly in an efficient and smart manner ensuring the improved quality of clinical delivery & patient experience.

 To support long term condition monitoring more effectively, e.g. there are 1.8 million people with diabetes in the UK, equivalent to three per cent of the population! And the cost to the NHS is around ~£10m per day!!




 Remote Monitoring

 Report Analysis & Conditional alerts

 Integration and Interoperability - Bi-Directional exchange of secured information

 Scalable framework for any Public health purpose

 Future proof – the standards based framework would allow any other NHS approved processes or devices to be integrated to reduce cost of re-developing the integration of systems




• Scanning the barcodes on different food items for their nutritive information.

• Connecting to Nutritionist for analysis of home cooked meals

• Health-Related news updates

• Advise Exercises to burn calories

• Incremental developments as needed to customise the system for NHS use

• Integrate with any other NHS or 3rd party systems



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