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The Royal College of Radiologists has developed an app for its NHS-Evidence accredited radiology referral guidelines. The app, featuring the updated seventh edition of the highly successful Making the best use of clinical radiology services (MBUR), helps referring GPs, clinicians and other healthcare professionals to determine the most appropriate imaging investigation(s) or intervention for a given diagnostic or imaging problem. It provides practical guidance based on the best available evidence, together with expert medical and radiological opinion.


Choosing the right test at the right time:

- Ensures patients receive timely and accurate diagnoses

- Reduces patients’ unnecessary exposure to radiation

- Ensures the efficient use of available diagnostic resources.


Split into 12 sections, the full resource consists of over 330 fully searchable guidelines. For GPs (as well as those commissioning diagnostics), the guidelines include over 110 indicated investigations relating to the most common presentations in primary care. The RCR’s app provides all of this functionality in an easy access and always available format for iOS and Android.


More information about the guidelines can be found at



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