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Recording, monitoring, behaviour change and LTC self care

“Florence” or “Flo” is an NHS owned, low cost web app designed to enable many thousands of patients take responsibility for the monitoring and management of their own condition or treatment. Flo allows multiple healthcare teams to share patient information and assist patients in the management of their own care for a single or multiple conditions.

Flo is used to:

-Regularly collect, monitor and alert on any biometric observation or question tree and many validated questionnaires.

-Improve concordance with treatment regimes through encouragement, reminders and interactive contact.

-Enable improvements in clinical team productivity and outcome quality

-Engage patients in their health and social care pathways and services.

Patient and Nurse use Flo in this NHS video .


Flo is available as a web app, inclusively interacts with patients via SMS and has a smartphone app allowing clinicians to check on patients whilst out and about. A patient smartphone app is on the way


Sir John Oldham, National Clinical Lead – Quality and Productivity, DoH: “Flo is actively supporting the need to look holistically at patients in line with the QIPP LTC work stream.”


Flo has also won a SHINE award from the Health Foundation for an 800 patient, General Practice hypertension control/CKD project.


See what the Queens Nursing Institute thinks about Flo in this video.


More information at and follow on twitter @NHSSimple


Florence is the "app" element of the NHS Simple Telehealth (STH) methodology.


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