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Smart GP

The Smart GP Application has been designed for GPs and Clinical Commissioners. It is designed specifically with local information, which can be tailored to meet any regions needs. This edition has been designed to meet the requirements of the HealthEast CIC Consortium covering an area in East Anglia. More information can be found at or


The features include:


A Healthcare Phone Directory

A directory of services and Clinics

Local Clinical Pathway Guides

Educational Links

A training log for appraisals

A reminder system for clinical follow-up

A RSS news line for Clinical Commissioners to inform front line clinicians

A feedback system for Commissioners to get information from the “grass-roots”


The application will be the easiest and quickest way for clinicians to contact the hospital, record their educational activities or ensure a result can be followed up and actioned. It will make a clinicians working life easier and be used every day.


It provides the perfect opportunity for Commissioners to inform and educate clinicians regarding new pathways and services. It gives all clinicians the opportunity to become truly involved in developing improved care. The current iPhone app will shortly be complemented by a web application and android version.


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