Ideas for a new health app

The little red book and pregnancy tracker

An app that allows prospective parents to track their pregnancy and baby's early years development.


It would start by enabling mum and dad to track the bump with a photo each day. Mum could add health notes about the pregnancy and notes about the family developing a photo and note diary. At the end of the pregnancy the photos and second set of notes could be submitted to be printed on demand as a photo book recording those first months for the child when they're older. This first part of the app could also suggest milestones and expectations along with health messages and appointment tracking. Mums could also enter enter information taken away from appointments such as baby's measurements throughout the pregnancy.


Following the birth the app could transition to an electronic version of the little red book. Parents could take extra measurements of weight, height etc (with these having an accepted margin of error) in addition to those taken by Health Visitors. To make parents use it it could expand beyond the basic health information to include photos of the child as they develop, options to record their first words and or record audio clips of those words - how many of us wish we'd done that before they learnt to pronounce them properly! Again the app could enable parents to add notes and submit photos for each year to be printed as a photo book and provide details of health and development milestones. The app could also provide information about common health conditions from a number of entered symptoms if the child is poorly.


Ultimately a comprehensive pregnancy tracker and a family oriented red book with health information with an option to monetise the app by allowing parents to submit photos and or notes to be printed by a choice of photo book producers.



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