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Thrombosis Guidelines

'Thrombosis Guidelines' by Cranworth Medical Ltd. Free to download.


Over the last few years the multidisciplinary Thrombosis and Thromboprophylaxis committee at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust have developed a unique and expansive range of guidelines for the prevention and management of venous thromboembolism and also for the management of anticoagulation in adult hospital inpatients.


The guidelines are presented in a simple and attractive format, using easy to read graphical algorithms. The guidelines are fully in agreement with the NICE guides “Venous thromboembolism: reducing the risk of venous thromboembolism in patients admitted to hospital“ (CG92).


These guidelines won the second prize in the Thrombus awards last year. We used the funds to develop an iPhone app in conjunction with two of our SpRs who have expertise in building iPhone apps for medical education and have formed their own company, Cranworth Medical Ltd., to pursue this aim.


We decided to pursue this route of development after consultation with junior doctors in our Trust. In considering Trust guidelines in general we identified that most junior doctors at our Trust (80-90%) find the guidelines useful or very useful, yet only half carry paper copies daily and the majority (95%) felt an iPhone app would be beneficial. This view was in line with our assessment that iPhone apps allow junior doctors to have a quick and easily accessible aide memoir to their practice. We considered the iPhone to be an appropriate initial platform since our survey identified that 60-70% of junior doctors use an iPhone.


The iphone app was released in the third week of July 2011 and has been features on the front page of the UK iTunes store since release. It has been downloaded over 60 countries and has been a 'Top 100' medical app in 14 countries.


The app is sustainable long-term as we are able to introduce sequential changes in the future, and release live updates to roll out these changes to our user base. We will review the content every six months and upload all new guidelines developed since the app’s release. We are in the progress of exporting the app to the Android operating system to increase exposure further.


Our hope, is that this freely available and sustainable resource will improve adult inpatient management of thrombosis and anticoagulation, with a real and measurable impact on morbidity and mortality.


Here is a link to the app on iTunes:


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