Ideas for a new health app - A Smart Phone Application to help the NHS

Our cutting edge service see allows smart phone users (iphone, Nokia and Android) to view information relevant to their needs based on their location and what information is nearby. It works like an interactive website linked to a location.


Just by holding up a phone and looking around through their smart phone camera, the general public can view clickable information on their phone screens linking them to photos, video, audio, an online shop, a web site or to an event. We can even give them directions on how to get to the location they are viewing.


You can choose what people see. Easily create your own content and update it at anytime. This is very useful where circumstances change at short notice or where up to date access to information is business or customer critical.


Our service/application would be very useful to NHS patients and to communities who wish to know


1. The location and opening times of their local GP/Hospital/Dentist/Walk in Centre. They could then be given the route to get there even if they are new to an area or are just visiting for a short time

2.The public could be informed what particular services are available to them at a specific NHS site e.g. a hospital or GP's practice.They could be shown how they could access particular services. An audio/video message could be made available so people get to know who they are likely to see if they attend the centre concerned before they actually go there. This could make a visit less stressful for a patient.

3. By using our service the NHS centre could provide messages in languages that are appropriate to their local community- for instance an audio or video message could be created so that prevention messages could be easily sent to a particular ethnic community who are known to be experiencing high levels of a specific illness.

4. Performance data relating to particular NHS sites could be displayed so the local community and visiting patients could easily see how their local services are performing and leave comments on their own experience of using the services concerned. This could help with service improvement and customer accountability.

5. During high levels of service use e.g a flu outbreak or a major incident being called, patients could easily be directed to alternative local services while the incident is being dealt with, thus reducing congestion and disruption during major incidents

6. Special events such as services for new parents/cancer patients could be easily advertised to the local community via our service

6. Smart phones which are always carried with you, are increasingly being used as the first point of contact to connect to the internet and to find local information. They are a great way to make contact with those nearby from a few metres to up to 20 miles away.

7. The young who are well known to be 'hard to reach' with health information would be particularly adaptable to our service.

8 Public transport information such as bus/rail timetables could be displayed using our service, thus making it easier for those who use public transport to do so easily.


Our service is available now and is easily deployed and scalable. Please visit our web site at to see examples of how our service is currently being used. We would like to work with the Dept of Health and local people to make information and services more user friendly, accountable and useful.


Vote for us and we will show how we can do just that





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