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VitalPAC – their life in your hands

VitalPAC is an award-winning app that works within a secure, closed hospital wireless network. It ensures that doctors and nurses assess and monitor their patients correctly, and as often as needed. Alarmingly, many thousands of hospital patients die every year worldwide because clinicians fail to notice or fail to respond promptly to patients who are deteriorating or have other high risk conditions such as infections or blood clots.


With VitalPAC, ward nurses are prompted to capture the right information on smartphones as often as needed. Easy to use screens, programmed to reflect best practice, ensure that they ask the right questions and measure the right vital signs. VitalPAC then identifies at-risk patients, advises the nurse on next steps and, when needed, automatically sends a message to a doctor or other specialist on their smartphone and checks that they attend the patient. With VitalPAC, complications are avoided, patients recover more quickly and outcomes are better.


VitalPAC is already widely used in the NHS – over 20 hospitals have installed the system with associated reductions in infections, admissions to intensive care, length of stay and death rates. It makes care transparent and easy to review. VitalPAC is easy to deploy in hospitals, popular with clinicians and, most importantly, ensures that routine tasks are completed properly and efficiently, so that nurse and doctors can spend more face-to-face time caring for their patients and ensuring that individual needs are met.


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