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Working Mum Arthritis app

I am a working Mum who has inflammatory arthritis and am on number of drugs including anti-TNF. On top of working full time and having a 3 3/4 year old beautiful daughter I lead a very hectic life. Having health appointments, drugs deliveries to pick up, blood tests to have done, repeat prescriptions, medicines to take, appointments sometimes with the GP, Consultant, specialist nurse, physiotherapist....etc etc.. I would love an app to help me organise my life, log easily all my health problems, as well as log diet and fitness routines and allow the doctors and myself to fully understand what has been happening between appointments and also allow me to not only have a more organised life but start to pick up proper patterns. Sometimes it very hard to give a concise answer to 'how I have been'.....and also its very easy to forget bad times when you have better times and being 40 I don't like to moan......its not natural. A simple print off or graph would be great and if it could link with all the health professionals, even better. We can all then get a full picture in a short space of time and if in a difficult alert the right person. Maybe there is something out there that encompasses this already and I just haven't found it...I do hope so, it would help me tremendously!



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